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Turkey launches 10-year space program including lunar mission in 2023

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) announced on Tuesday an ambitious ten-year space program that includes a flight to the moon, sending Turkish astronauts into space and developing international Viable satellite system.

Erdogan announced the show while broadcasting live on the TV show and announcing special effects as part of his vision to expand Turkey to a regional and global role.

He said that Turkey plans to establish “first contact with the moon” on the occasion of Turkey’s 100th anniversary in 2023. Erdogan said that the first phase of the mission will be “through international cooperation,” while the second phase will use Turkish rockets.

The Turkish leader said: “For the national space program, our first and most important goal is the Republic’s contact with the moon in its 100th year.” “God willing, we are going to the moon.”

Erdogan also announced Turkey’s goal of sending Turkish citizens into space through international cooperation, cooperating with other countries to build spaceports, and building a “global brand” in satellite technology.

He said: “I hope this roadmap will make Turkey one of the top leagues in the global space race, and it will succeed.”

Turkey established the Turkish Space Agency (TUA) in 2018, aiming to include a few other countries in the space program.

Critics questioned the government’s decision to spend huge sums of money on this goal when the country’s economy was hit hard. But supporters say that the space program will provide jobs for researchers and may reduce the brain drain of immigrant scientists.

Erdogan did not provide details on how Turkey plans to achieve its goals. Last month, he had a telephone conversation with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and discussed cooperation with Turkish companies on space technology.

At the same time, the metal boulder that mysteriously appeared and disappeared on a field in southeastern Turkey proved to be the propaganda head before the incident.

The three-mile-high (about 10 feet high) metal plate is engraved with ancient Turkic scripts and reads “Look at the sky and you will see the moon”. It was found on a farmer in Sanliurfa Province on Friday. The overall building is close to the Gobekli Tepe site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the megalithic structure dates back thousands of years before Stonehenge and was built in the 10th century BC.

According to reports, the structure disappeared on Tuesday morning, which adds to the mystery.

Later, Erdogan projected an image of the boulder on the screen: “I now introduce you to Turkey’s ten-year vision, strategy and goals. I said,’Look at the sky and you will see the moon.'”

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