In recent months, a new DeFi upstart has emerged in the cryptocurrency field. It is called TrustSwap, and its purpose is to fill the gaps in the cryptocurrency industry, which is indispensable for the ongoing mission of bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and mainstream finance. TrustSwap achieves this by providing a service platform that can handle various useful encrypted transaction types in a low-cost, user-friendly way.

TrustSwap hosting and time lock service

The platform is the idea of ​​its CEO Jeff Kodikis, Is a senior encryption expert, has been deeply involved in the problems often faced by encryption startups. This idea was proposed when Kirdeikis, who was working with another cryptocurrency startup at the time, sought a way to encourage venture capital firms to invest $50,000 in the startup. The company hopes to invest in project tokens at a discount, but this brings significant risks.

If investors immediately obtain control of such a large number of tokens, they will be given effective veto power over the direction of the project. In other words, they will have the ability to throw all their tokens into the open market at once, leading to a collapse and thus destroying the project. The only answer is to structure the purchase as a series of smaller fixed-time coin purchases. But to the surprise of Kodikis, the only way is to pay the lawyer to manage the transaction in exchange for the high cost of 5%-10%.

At that time the idea of ​​TrustSwap was born. This is a platform that uses smart contracts to replace expensive and troublesome intermediary transactions that startups and other companies need to execute regularly. Its main service is called TS SmartSwap™, which is a custody system designed to handle the transfer of large amounts of OTC assets between two or more parties. This is exactly the solution Kirdeikis seeks to promote early VC transactions. TS SmartSwaps makes it possible for cryptocurrency companies to trade with investors on a schedule of their choosing without costly middlemen. As long as everyone involved in the transaction agrees to the same terms, the platform will do the rest at the lowest cost.

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But this is not the only thing that TrustSwap can handle. It also provides some useful and groundbreaking additional services in the industry. One of these services is called TS SmartLock™, which is a one-to-one or one-to-many time-based recurring payment system. It can be used to facilitate performance-based payments and even allow companies to provide cryptocurrency options in their payroll workflow.

There is also TS SmartSubscription™, an API-driven fixed website solution that allows companies to accept repeated subscription fees in compatible cryptocurrencies. In short, this is an encrypted payment-as-a-service product that may ultimately help more digital creators and service providers-from Netflix to Spotify and other regions-accept cryptocurrency once and for all. That is a multi-billion dollar market, and cryptocurrencies have not penetrated in any meaningful way. TrustSwap aims to be the preferred encrypted subscription service provider.

TrustSwap uses its hosting and time-locking service to build a startup launchpad

Encrypted startup of the most useful launchpad services

Even if the smart contract library is so diverse, TrustSwap will not stand still. It is also developing into one of the most useful encrypted startup launchpad services available today. To this end, TrustSwap provides various services designed to simplify common startup tasks. TrustSwap is included under its TS SmartLaunch™ umbrella, providing start-ups with a first-class automatic token pre-sale management system and tools to prevent token price manipulation.

Together, they help cryptocurrency startups start without worrying about destabilizing trends. This unstable force will attract the attention of founders and let them do what they do best-innovation. There are already three well-known cryptocurrency startups-Chaingames, MobiePay, and AuBit-using TrustSwap as a launchpad for early success, and they will join with another prominent figure in the industry.

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In recent weeks, the fintech startup Coin announced that they will soon use TrustSwap’s services to assist its launch. This is a new DeFi service, supported by an All-Star team of Microsoft alumni, which aims to build a P2P decentralized coin exchange using AI to provide cryptocurrency holders with a new and simpler Option to manage its assets. Coin turned to TrustSwap to assist in the execution of its upcoming liquid token sale.

Specifically, TrustSwap will handle the three main parts of sales. It will manage the team’s token ownership requirements, the ownership of each token holder, and support the liquidity lock-in of the new COIN token market. The trust of Coin’s industry veteran team in TrustSwap is a very obvious sign that the platform has developed in such a short period of time.

TrustSwap does not intend to stop innovation anytime soon. In the near future, they also intend to launch a new token packaging service called TS SmartWrap™, which will enable users of the TrustSwap ecosystem to integrate non-Ethereum assets into Ethereum-based DeFi applications. This will open the door to a series of innovations, which will bring the crypto space closer and closer to fulfilling its broad hopes.

The upcoming developments clearly show that TrustSwap is expected to exceed its ambitions and even exceed the expectations of its founders. Since June 2020, TrustSwap has become a force in the DeFi field. It has quickly attracted attention and has enabled believers to break away from industry heavyweights in a short time. With such an excellent early performance record, there is no doubt that TrustSwap is expected to continue to do greater things, serve the cryptocurrency public, and enable investors and end users to participate in the revolution that has now exceeded a decade. Make.

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