Photos from left to right: Saif Al Mansouri – CEO of TRES OTC DMCC; Ahmed Bin Sulayem-Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DMCC; Dmitry Krasnogor-Managing Director of TRES OTC DMCC; Antony Katin-CEO SIMBA Storage; Alexey Liakhovnenko – CEO of TRES Group GmbH.

Back to 2020, At the Davos Summit, DMCC (United Arab Emirates Free Economic Zone) announced and CV VC and CV Lab Launched the world’s largest cryptography, blockchain and distributed ledger ecosystem Crypto Valley in Dubai.

After a long period of resistance, more and more countries have begun to adopt cryptocurrencies. The UAE is certainly one of the most progressive countries in recent decades. After a long period of denial and misunderstanding, it has not stagnated and has seen the development prospects of the domestic cryptocurrency industry.

The cryptocurrency industry has demonstrated its strength and serious intentions to conquer the world and make it better. The capitalization of cryptocurrencies is growing every year, and the industry’s adoption continues to develop rapidly.

Recently, Dubai Crypto Valley officially opened and started to work actively. This Swiss company Tres Group,Developer SIMBA storage, Obtained a crypto asset trading license for over-the-counter transactions using cryptocurrencies to develop the crypto industry in the United Arab Emirates. So far, it is the first but not the last license in the country.

“We have seen time and time again that first-class support inspires innovation, whether through incubator and accelerator programs for SMEs, or through a business-friendly environment, professional licensing options, and progressive supervision of large multinational companies. The DMCC encryption center operated by CV Labs has achieved this goal-a comprehensive ecosystem that fully supports all types and sizes of enterprises operating in the encryption field.

The two main goals of our encryption center are to promote innovation in the blockchain and encryption space, and to promote the global adoption of this technology. With the numerous industry leaders in the cryptocurrency center, the progressive regulations set by the Dubai authorities, and the existing support framework set by the DMCC, we expect Dubai to become a place for every cryptocurrency company to seek growth opportunities. As Ralf Glabischnig, the founder of CV Labs, said when the encryption center was launched, the DMCC encryption center has the ability to become the world’s largest encryption ecosystem. “, – Ahmed Bin Sulayem – Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DMCC.

“Although the global encryption industry is still at a fairly early stage, it has huge potential and may have a positive impact on every industry and sector. As seen in our recent trade future report, trade experts and business leaders from all over the world believe that digital Infrastructure, especially blockchain and other encryption technologies, will play an increasingly important role in the future of global trade.

Dubai has become synonymous with innovation, and the emirate has certainly embraced the use of blockchain technology. Through Dubai’s blockchain strategy and other government-led initiatives to promote the application of blockchain in the public and private sectors as much as possible, Dubai is demonstrating how blockchain can provide a wide range of benefits. Through the DMCC encryption center, the UAE is clearly in a leading position in the development of the global encryption industry. “, – Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and CEO of DMCC

Previously, the UAE’s crypto asset trading license was illegal and unobtainable, which imposed many restrictions on large banks and institutional structures that are preparing to carry out cryptocurrency activities in the country.

Encrypted asset trading license is the development and formation of the blockchain technology industry, business development, the influx of technology projects and start-ups, and the huge progress of the national currency supply. Encrypted asset license transactions provide large institutional investors and banking structures in the crypto industry with previously unavailable opportunities. This will cause an increase in the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market.

“The DMCC Crypto Center Ecosystem is the latest business community focused on the encryption and blockchain industries in the Dubai DMC​​C Free Zone. It provides perfect solutions for any enterprise focusing on any field in this booming innovative technology industry. Landing site, and provides a wide range of support, products and services, including the first industry-focused joint acceleration space CV Labs. It is great to see companies like TRES enter the DMCC encryption community and take advantage of everything the free zone provides. Dubai is rapidly becoming the center of the global cryptocurrency world, and this is for good reason”, – Said James Bernard, Director of Sales/Business Development and Head of Corporate Sales at DMCC.

TRES experts emphasized the great prospects for the development of the cryptocurrency industry in Arab countries, including changes in global standards, especially changes in technology.

SIMBA CEO Anton Katin made an analogy, mentioning the extensive transition to electric vehicles and solar energy, and the desire of many countries to get rid of the usual non-renewable resource consumption, import and export patterns.

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