According to the latest report, this is the next live-action film “Transformers 7” in the series. The director has found a director in Steven Caple Jr. (Steven Caple Jr.).Caple Jr. uses the director Michael B. Jordan (Michael B. in “Transformers 7”, this will actually be a soft restart of the series of games, and a new cast. Caple Jr. Will produce Joby Harold’s script (“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”), which is said to have been set in it bumblebee universe. The release date of Transformers 7 is June 24, 2022.

The deadline led to the news that Caple Jr. may participate in the next live-action “Transformers” film, and pointed out that the negotiations have not yet begun, but the director of Creed II is the “first choice” of Paramount Pictures executives and filmmakers. Deadline added that it expects to conclude a deal to hire Caple Jr. in the “coming weeks.” Once Caple Jr. takes office, the next step is to select actors.

Although the total revenue of the “Transformers” franchise in the six projects exceeded 4.84 billion U.S. dollars (about 36,035 crore), the total revenue has declined since halfway. “Transformers: Moonlight Darkness” and “Transformers: Rebirth from Extinction” each made $1 billion, but the latest main line work “Transformers: The Last Knight” fell to $605 million (approximately Rs 4,504 crore). bumblebee Even lower, at US$468 million (about Rs 34.84 billion).

still, bumblebee Putting the franchise power of “Transformers” back on track, despite the new sparks and tone in the hands of director Travis Knight (Travis Knight) and writer Christina Hodson (Christina Hodson), even though it was borrowed, But with the help of director Michael Bay and his writers committee, this has been lost. Now it’s up to Jr. Caple and Harold to continue doing this.

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But this is not the only “Transformers” movie under development. Back in April, Josh Cooley, the director of Toy Story 4, was hired to direct the high-budget animation prequel of the “Transformers” film series, which will be an origin story with emphasis Yu Optimus Prime and Megatron’s relationship on the planet of Cybertron.sequel bumblebee It is also in progress, although it is not clear whether Transformers 7 has replaced it.

“Transformers 7” will be released in cinemas around the world on June 24, 2022.