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Torum closes $1 million in private financing to use NFT and DeFi to create a social media platform – press release Bitcoin News

Press release. Torum, a social media platform specifically designed for cryptocurrency users, I am honored to announce that the project is now supported by some of the most promising VCs in the encryption industry.

The private financing of US$1.45 million was participated by 13 private investors These include AU21 Capital, Momentum 6, Lotus Capital, Consensus Labs, Redline Blockchain Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Angel One, Hotbit, Oasis Capital, N7 Labs, Skywater Capital, IDC and Worshiper Capital.

Social media + DeFi + NFT on Binance Smart Chain

Based on the Binance smart chain, Torum seeks to build the first encrypted social media platform fully integrated with NFT and DeFi functions. In short, crypto addicts can stay in touch with each other and have access to every crypto-centric service on Torum.

With the resources and connections of its VC team, Torum is able to step into the NFT and DeFi space, and continuously introduce innovative use cases into the encryption industry.

Redefining encrypted social media

Torum was launched on July 1, 2020, emphasizing gamification elements and token utilities to bring the best crypto social experience into the crypto space. In the future, Torum strives to become an adoption bridge connecting the general public to the cryptocurrency industry.

XTM is Torum’s native token, obtained as part of the ecosystem’s incentives, and can be used for at least 10 different purposes, including gift purchases, content enhancements, and NFT transactions. The revenue generated by the ecosystem will be redistributed to the Torum community through various gamification methods designed by the team.

About Torum

Torum is a social media platform specially designed for cryptocurrency users. Torum ranks at the top of 50,000 Alexa rankings and has become one of the most popular hangout locations, with more than 29,000 crypto addicts from all over the world joining it.

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