The dinosaur game on Google Chrome has been around for several years. In order to commemorate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics that have already started, the search giant has made some adjustments to this classic game. Normally, when you press the space bar, the friendly little Tyrannosaurus on the screen will jump over the cactus, but Reddit users now notice that the game has undergone major changes. Subsequently, Google CEO Sundar Pichai also tweeted, confirming the interesting new mini-games that this classic game now provides.

Share screenshots of the game, including Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Olympic torch, Redditt users ( ) Wrote, “In the Chrome Dino game, Google has added mini games related to the Olympics I think.” So now, if you play games while working on the Internet, you will find a flashlight at the beginning of the game. If instead of skipping it, but bumping into it, Tyrannosaurus will become another runner, looking more focused on the finish line. In fact, in the first game, the character is not jumping over obstacles, but avoiding obstacles.

Users on Redditt tried the new dinosaur game and liked it. A user (u/ChiragK2020) I also found that if you can make Tyrannosaurus rex hit the torch, you can “play other small games”.

Excited users (u/djtrogy) Point out that the game can also be played on a mobile phone.

“Yes, it’s there. So far, I can surf and swim,” one of the comments wrote.

After playing the game, the user (u/ChocobosParadise) Simply wrote, “This is great.”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai also posted a screenshot of the game on Twitter, in which Tyrannosaurus rex can be seen surfing. “May need to improve my surfing skills,” Pichai wrote. However, replies to Pichai’s tweets will open your eyes.

For example, the user @rahulcoder pointed out that this is the first time he has seen “dinosaurs on horseback wearing helmet protection”.

Another user (@MOHITKU01916932) shared his best results in the game and asked if anyone can beat him.

Here are more reactions from users trying new mini-games,

Another notable feature of the game is that once you encounter an obstacle or obstacle, the message on the screen is not “game over”, but “またプレイしてね”, which means “play again”. The fact that the news flashes in Japanese shows that the new update is indeed a tribute to this year’s Summer Olympics.

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