Tinder’s latest security feature “Are you sure?” prompts users to stop and think twice before sending potentially offensive messages. This feature aims to reduce harassment on online dating platforms by using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect harmful language and intervene to prevent abuse. Tinder earlier introduced “Will this bother you?” This feature provides support to users when offensive language is detected in received emails. Technology companies including Instagram and YouTube have adopted similar techniques to warn users before posting offensive comments.

“Are you sure?” Prompt to intervene to warn senders that the message may be offensive and ask them to pause before clicking the send button. The California-based company explained in its blog that the AI ​​was trained on what users reported in the past. The company also reported that members who saw the prompt were unlikely to receive a report of inappropriate information next month.

“The early results of these functions show that intervening in the right way is really meaningful for changing behavior,” said Tracey Breeden, head of safety and social advocacy at Match Group.

Tinder introduced “Does this bother you?” This feature supports users when offensive language is detected in emails they receive.

In March, Instagram confirmed that it allows users to block or restrict multiple accounts in the comment section of their posts as part of a limited test. The social media company said this is part of its broader efforts to help combat bullying and harassment on the platform.

In December 2020, YouTube introduced new features on its platform to support a diverse community and encourage respectful interaction. YouTube will also test new filters in YouTube Studio to check for potentially inappropriate and harmful comments, which are automatically retained for review, so that channel owners don’t have to view these comments.

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