It may soon be disallowed to download TikTok on US government devices. Senator Josh Holly, the sponsor of the bill, said in a press statement on Wednesday that the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs unanimously passed a bill that would prohibit US federal workers from downloading the popular app TikTok to the United States. On government equipment.

The U.S. Senate unanimously approved a similar measure in August 2020. Representative Ken Buck introduced a similar bill in the House of Representatives.

The app is keen to show off their dance moves among teenagers, but it has come under fire in the United States for worrying about its Chinese user ByteDance. TikTok tried to distance itself from Beijing, but achieved mixed results.

Holly called the company an “immediate security threat.”

In a statement after the vote, Holly said: “This should not be a partisan issue. I am very happy to see colleagues in the Senate working together for Beijing’s secret data collection campaign.”

Last month, TikTok represented millions of children in the UK and Europe facing a London lawsuit over privacy issues. The app and ByteDance are accused of violating data protection laws in the UK and the European Union. The lawsuit aims to prevent TikTok from “illegal processing millions of children’s information” and requires the deletion of any personal information.

The lawsuit filed by the former British Commissioner for Children, Anne Longfield (Anne Longfield) shows that every child who has used the app since May 2018, regardless of their account status or privacy settings, may be an unknown third party Collected their private personal information for the benefit of the company.

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This case was concluded after several EU data monitoring agencies strengthened their review of the application. Last year, the EU data protection regulator promised to coordinate a potential investigation of this Chinese company and set up a working group to better understand “TikTok’s processing and practices.”