Ticketmaster agreed to pay a fine of US$10 million (approximately Rs 73 crore) to avoid prosecution of criminal charges that accused the company of hacking into a start-up competitor’s computer system.

A judge in the Federal Court of New York signed the agreement in a long-term legal action, which is a long-term legal battle that challenges Ticketmaster’s dominant position in selling tickets through major musical performances at concerts. Live Nation’s subsidiary has faced multiple charges of conspiracy against a Brooklyn-based company called Songkick for hacking and wire fraud.

Ticketmaster has paid 110 million US dollars (approximately 8 billion rupees) in 2018 to resolve the civil lawsuit filed by Songkick.

Court documents accused Ticketmaster of trying to infiltrate Songkick’s system for artists who hired the startup, who helped sell 10% of the US tour through its fan club. This arrangement is considered a way to reward loyal fans when frustrating the scalpers, while also cutting profits for the Ticketmaster empire.

US attorney Seth DuCharme said: “Ticketmaster employees “repeatedly (and illegally) used unauthorized actions to use competitors’ passwords to access competitors’ computers in order to illegally collect potential business intelligence.”

Ticketmaster issued a statement on Wednesday that the behavior only involved two employees who were fired in 2017.

The statement said: “Their actions violated our company policy and are inconsistent with our values.” “We are glad that this issue has now been resolved.”

The news was left to Warner Music Group, the current owner of Songkick.

The prosecutor said in court documents that the plan was jointly planned by former Songkick employees, a Ticketmaster employee, and colleagues there in 2014, with the purpose of hacking accounts so that they could identify Songkick customers and discourage them from developing with the company. business.

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The newspaper stated that in internal communication, it boasted that an employee of Ticketmaster could “recover (the victim company)’s footsteps” if it could win pre-sale ticketing business for an unknown major artist.

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