According to a poll conducted by the Gallup Investor Optimism Index, young American investors are more interested in Bitcoin investment than three years ago. This year’s opinion poll surveyed 1,037 participants and found that 6% of American investors own Bitcoin.

U.S. Bitcoin investors have grown 4% in 3 years

American research and analysis company Gallup (Gallup) announced the new findings of a recent survey conducted by the company on Bitcoin investments. The company’s survey, called the Gallup Investor Optimism Index, explained that “investors under the age of 50 have more motivation.”

This year’s Gallup poll results show that 6% of U.S. investors own Bitcoin
The results of the Gallup poll in June 2021 are derived from the Gallup Investor Optimism Index.

In 2018, Gallup’s last report showed that only 2% of investors own Bitcoin, but by 2021, this indicator has increased to 6%. Participating American adults stated that they have approximately US$10,000 in stocks and bonds and other investments. In addition, Gallup researchers said that the number of owners of the younger generation has increased.

Gallup’s latest report stated: “The shareholding ratio of 18 to 49-year-old investors has risen by 10 percentage points to 13%, which is impressive.” “In investors 50 and older, this is the case. Still very few; now only 3% of people say they own it, compared to 1% three years ago.” Gallup’s report added:

8% of those with an investment of less than $100,000 and 6% of those with an investment of $100,000 or more currently own it. In addition, Gallup found that male investors are more than three times more active in the Bitcoin market than female investors, with 11% of male investors and 3% of female investors now owning Bitcoin.

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Gallup survey says Bitcoin investment is “more similar to gold”

Gallup’s research shows that Bitcoin owners can compare with mainstream investments such as stocks and mutual funds. 84% of respondents invest in stocks or mutual funds, while 67% hold personal stocks. Researchers pointed out that Bitcoin investment is “more similar to gold”, accounting for 11% of investors’ portfolios, while 50% of respondents hold bonds.

This year’s Gallup poll results show that 6% of U.S. investors own Bitcoin

Since the last survey, the adversity of Bitcoin has also eased, as only 58% of people said they have zero interest in investing. In 2018, 72% of respondents stated that they are not interested in buying Bitcoin. In addition to already owning 6% of Bitcoin, 2% of people said they might buy crypto assets in the future. 35% of respondents emphasized that they are very interested in Bitcoin, but “will not buy it soon”.

The Gallup poll finally pointed out that three years ago, only a small number of American investors were interested in Bitcoin, and only a small number of people owned crypto assets. Since then, researchers have attributed this growth to easier purchase methods and “large investments in Bitcoin by well-known companies such as Tesla, Square, and Morgan Stanley.”

Gallup researchers concluded: “Perhaps as a result, Bitcoin is gradually approaching universal acceptance by American investors.” “Especially those under 50. Not only do 13% of these relatively young investors own it, but also Their familiarity with it and their willingness to buy has risen to the majority level.”

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