A new study shows that a small carnivorous dinosaur hunts prey at night. This dinosaur has special low-light vision and its hearing ability is as good as an owl. This three-toed dinosaur is only 2 feet long, called Shuvuuia, has large eyes and a longer cochlea-part of the inner ear canal, and has sensory receptors. The creature uses these abilities to see in the dark and hear better than barn owls. This particular species roamed in the Gobi desert area of ​​Mongolia today between 75 million and 81 million years ago (the late Cretaceous period).

Shuvuuia, although related to the terrible T-rex (T-rex), is a strange-looking dinosaur. Researchers say that animals that live together geographically are forced to share resources to survive and exceed their competitiveness. They tend to prefer prey at night and during the day. However, they added that it is difficult to know this preference only by looking at the fossil records of extinct animals, and this can be understood by looking at biological species.

The research results have been published online in “Science” and reported by “Live Science”. According to the report, the researchers studied fossil eye bones and used CT scans to examine the anatomy of the animal’s ears to build a digital 3D model of the animal’s skull. They found that the dinosaur’s scleral ring (a round bone formed in the eye socket) was large.

The lead author of the study, Jonah Choiniere, a professor at the Institute of Evolution at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, told the news media that its ear canal suggests that its hearing may be “not on the chart.” .

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The combination of better vision and excellent hearing led the researchers to conclude that Shuvuuia would be a very effective nocturnal predator.

The co-author of the study is Lars Schmitz, associate professor of biology at the WM Keck Department of Science at Scripps College, Claremont, California, said that this is the first audio and visual record of an extinct dinosaur. Such a profound discovery.

Just like modern species, extinct species also exhibit complex behaviors, but fossils usually rarely reveal these details.

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