Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) finally explained the “lizard appearance” of his virus spread and explained that he was trying to get rid of the paparazzi, which was rather noticeable. Last year, Zuckerberg was anxious to ride an electric surfboard during a family vacation in Hawaii. However, this is not the reason why the head of the tech giant quickly spread and became the subject of numerous memes on the Internet. The picture shows Zuckerberg standing on a surfboard, but his face covered with sunscreen has caught everyone’s attention. The picture sparked a meme superstar, and people compared it with the Joker, Queen Elizabeth I and Mrs. Doubtfire. The most common avoidance is that Zuckerberg is a “lizard man.”

A year later, Zuckerberg finally explained on Wednesday why he put on so much sunscreen that day. Zuckerberg said in a live chat with the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri: “As long as the world keeps turning, the memes will keep stirring.” He said that he noticed a paparazzi following them. He said: “I don’t seem to want him to know me. So, what I have to do is put a few tons of sunscreen.”

However, Zuckerberg continues to admit that this is certainly not his best plan. “But things are counterproductive. I should think carefully before doing it.” He said with a smile. He added that he is a fair-skinned person, so he uses a lot of sunscreen to keep his skin healthy.

Zuckerberg may have tried to pretend to be someone else, but his efforts have been mediocre. He said: “It’s a good thing to have a sense of humor. I am happy that people can laugh. I laugh about it.”

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He also said that this is just “too much” sunscreen. “No one needs so much sunscreen.”

Zuckerberg went on to say: “My situation is worse. So, if someone wants to post sunscreen, that’s cool. I’m happy to laugh on the Internet.”

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