On July 18, the most valuable cryptocurrency per unit of U.S. dollar was Bitcoin, which is currently trading at $31,693. In addition to all packaged bitcoins and synthetic bitcoin pegs, the crypto asset with the second highest value per unit is eager finance, followed by manufacturers. Removing market capitalization positions and viewing encrypted assets in this way provides users with a completely different perspective.

View top digital currencies by unit price

At the time of writing, there are only two five-figure dollar crypto assets and only two four-figure crypto assets. Viewing the price of each coin per unit shows the number of coins traded within a certain price range. The price per unit recorded in this report was calculated at 8:55 AM (Eastern Time) on Sunday, July 18, 2021. The data is collected from crypto market aggregation websites markets.bitcoin.com and coingecko.com.

These are the 5 most expensive assets per unit of the crypto economy
The top five most expensive crypto assets per unit include Bitcoin, Eager Finance, Manufacturers, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. The price per unit was recorded on Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 8:55 AM (Eastern Time).

Currently, a person must spend five-figure dollars to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Yearning Finance (YFI). Although the transaction price per unit of BTC is slightly higher than US$31,000, the transaction price of YFI is US$27,900 per token. Similarly, there are only two types of coins with four-digit prices per unit, manufacturer (MKR) and Ethereum (ETH).

The market summary website shows that there are 11 types of encrypted assets per unit, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is in a leading position. After BCH, there are coins such as composite coin (CMP), Binance coin (BNB) and aave (AAVE).

23 types of crypto assets are traded in double digits, and 20 coins are in the single digit range

The last token in the three-digit position is bitclout (CLOUT), which is trading slightly above the $100 area at the time of writing. There are only 23 crypto assets worth double digits, and today’s double digit leader is zcash (ZEC), which runs at slightly less than $100.

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Horizen (ZEN) and filecoin (FIL) are the only two coins in the $50 range among 23 two-digit passwords. Kucoin Token (KCS) is ranked 23rd and is the last two digit tokens in the batch.

The 27 coins are in the single digit range between 1 U.S. dollar and 9 U.S. dollars, of which 7 crypto assets are stable currencies such as USDT, USDC, DAI and TUSD. Only 21 cryptocurrencies have a unit value between US$0.50 and US$0.99. At the time of writing, the 21-person leader is klaytn (KLAY), and the final position belongs to tron ​​(TRX).

Of course, many cryptocurrency market value aggregators are different, because coingecko.com records 8,545 coins and coinmarketcap.com records 10,939 crypto assets. Other aggregators (such as markets.bitcoin.com and messari.io) also have different amounts of recorded crypto assets.

Despite some differences, most market websites show roughly the same number of crypto assets per unit of value per dollar. From this perspective, the top five coins with the highest value per unit include BTC, YFI, MKR, ETH, and BCH.

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