The Zoom Studio Effects feature allows users to add eyebrow, moustache, beard and lip colors to their images during a video call. Although this feature is still in beta, it is not a new feature. Zoom launched Studio Effects in September 2020. However, users seem to be paying more attention to this now, and it seems that it is being launched for more people. From purple to green to light brown, you can choose almost any color to create a facial effect. In addition, by default, you can save all facial effects selected by default as all future meetings.

Zoom first announced the feature for Windows and macOS in September 2020, but users seem to have Noticed It only appeared recently, suggesting that it is now seeing a wider range of deployments. Studio special effects are available to us.

To use this feature, click the ^ arrow next to the “Stop Video” button (during the zoom meeting) and select Video settings.go with Background and filters then click Studio effect In the lower right corner of the pop-up window. You may need to download the effect package first, which takes less than a minute. After that, Studio effects (beta) will provide you.

Click it to explore various effects. You can choose different styles of eyebrows, beards and beards, and lip colors. You can set the opacity according to your needs. You can choose the default color or a new color. In addition, you can choose to apply facial effects to all future meetings, although if you use Zoom for work, this may be a risky move.

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Currently, Zoom’s Studio effect does not seem to be available on mobile devices. Since this is a Beta version, this feature may not yet be available to all users. Zoom encourages users to send feedback about Studio Effects to

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