It is said that Microsoft is developing an Xbox app update for iOS, which will enable you to stream games directly from the Xbox One console to the iPhone. The new version of the Xbox for iOS app is said to be about to be downloaded through the Apple App Store, and seems to mimic the experience Microsoft recently provided to Android devices through the latest Beta version of its Xbox app. The app also enables Xbox One users to stream games from their console to their Android smartphones. The Redmond-based company may extend remote playback capabilities to Xbox Series S and SeriesX. Remote playback is different from game streaming, which is still the focus of the dispute between Apple and Microsoft.

Tom Warren on the edge has Show off Early beta access to the Xbox app update for iOS via a video posted on Twitter. The app appears to allow Xbox One users to remotely stream games from the console to their iPhone. This is similar to how Sony’s PS4 remote playback application provides remote playback capabilities for Android and iOS users.

Warren said the Xbox app update will allow users to access their Xbox One console from the iPhone via Wi-Fi or LTE. This means that even if your iPhone and Xbox are not on the same network, you can still get remote access. Even if you are not outside and use a separate network other than your home Wi-Fi, it allows you to remotely turn on Xbox One. When you activate the console from your phone, it is said to start without sound or Xbox light.

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It is important to note that although the purpose of the new remote playback feature is to let you play your favorite Xbox One games on your iPhone, it is different from Microsoft’s xCloud service, which provides game streaming from the server to the mobile device – and Not your own console. As you mentioned, Microsoft’s (and Google’s) plan to provide its xCloud game streaming service on the iOS platform was hindered by Apple’s App Store guidelines, and Apple then provided a little leeway-submit each game being streamed separately For being publicly mocked by Microsoft in the App Store.

Warren said that under the “My Library” section of the updated Xbox app, there will be a “Connect” button that allows you to connect from the Xbox One console and start playing games. It is said that the update also brings some features, such as downloading or sharing game clips and screenshots captured on the connected console. You can also expect some performance enhancements in the existing version. In addition, the overall experience seems to be similar to the experience Microsoft has recently brought through the new Xbox beta app for Android devices.

Warren expects that the Xbox update for iOS will soon appear on the Apple App Store. However, there is no official news yet. Gadget 360 has contacted Microsoft to clarify the Xbox application update and its release schedule, and will update this space when the company responds.

The Xbox app update may arrive sometime before the Xbox Series S and Series X scheduled for release on November 10. Microsoft has also recently begun accepting reservations for new game consoles in India and the global market.

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