Spotify 2020 Wrapped provides live broadcasts for eligible users and check their listening habits over the past 11 months. It is only available on the Spotify mobile app on Android and iOS, and provides insights on the artists, songs, genres, and podcasts users listened to this year. The 2020 version of Wrapped has some new features, such as quizzes, story features in 2020, in-depth research on podcasts, new badges, personalized playlists, and Wrapped for users who don’t use Spotify.

Every year, Spotify releases Wrapped to its users so that they can review their listening records for that year. It shares insights about which singer you listen to the most, how many songs you listen to the most and how many times you have listened to it, your favorite genres, podcasts, etc. This year, Spotify has added six new features to its 2020 package. Users can take quizzes to test their skills to “predict the most popular podcasts, artists, and even the most popular decade.”

Your 2020 story feature shows the journey of the top songs in a year from fist to the 100th song. It also shows all the notable things that happened in this song. Podcast listeners will have access to information such as how many minutes they spent listening to podcasts and the most binge-eating podcasts of the year.

Spotify Premium users will get titles or badges based on how they listen. For example, Spotify explained that if a user’s playlist has a large number of followers, the user will be labeled “Tastemaker.” The “Pioneer” badge will be awarded to users who have listened to the song before it reaches 50,000 streams. In addition, the new personalized playlist feature will organize your top songs and “Missed hits” (Spotify recommends songs that you haven’t heard but you might like since 2020).

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Spotify Wrapped is also open to non-Spotify users. Those who have not subscribed to Spotify can check out the latest global trends here. It will show the most streamed artists, the most played songs, the top playlists for self-care, and the most listened decade in the world.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 is only available on the app on Android and iOS.

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