The Chinese Space Administration conducted an ambitious space mission in Beijing on Friday. Two days after successfully entering the planet’s orbit, it released a videotape on a spacecraft hovering on Mars on Friday.

In the video released by the national broadcasting company CCTV, the surface of the earth can be seen from the dark sky outside the Astronomy One, which entered the orbit of the red planet on Wednesday.

The official news agency Xinhua reported that white craters can be seen on the surface of the earth. As the probe flies on Mars for a day, the craters in the video gradually change from white to black.

The 5-ton “Tianwen-1” (Tianwen-1), which translates as “problems to heaven”, includes the Mars orbiter, lander and solar rover, was launched from southern China in July last year.

This is the latest step of the Beijing Space Program. The goal of the program is to build a manned space station by 2022, and eventually send an astronaut to the moon, and open up a new alien arena for the US-China competition.

Astro One was launched at the same time as the hostile mission of the United States and is expected to land on the surface of the Earth in May.

Its success is the same week that the “Hope” probe in the United Arab Emirates also successfully entered the orbit of Mars-becoming the first interplanetary mission in the Arab world to make history.

Chinese scientists hope to land a 240 kg (530 lb) mobile station in a huge Utopia impact basin on Mars in May. Its orbiter will last for the year of Mars.

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In order to conduct a three-month study of the earth’s soil and atmosphere, the mission will take photos, graphs, and look for signs of past lives.

The probe has sent back the first image of Mars-a black and white photo showing geological features, including Schiaparelli crater and Valles Marineris, a wide canyon on the surface of Mars.

Facts have proved that Mars is a challenging target. Since 1960, most missions have been dispatched by Russia, Europe, Japan and India, but they have all ended in failure.

NASA’s perseverance is scheduled to land on the “Red Planet” on February 18, and it will be the fifth rover to complete its voyage since 1997-all of them so far are Americans.

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