The state of Louisiana in the United States has passed a resolution to praise the success of Bitcoin and praise Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of the cryptocurrency, for “for his contribution to economic security.”

National Resolution Recognizing Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin

The Speaker of the House of Representatives registered and signed the Louisiana House of Representatives resolution on behalf of Mark Wright, entitled “Praise the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Industry.” Resolution No. 33 (HR 33) of the House of Representatives reads as follows:

It commends Bitcoin’s success in becoming the first decentralized trillion-dollar asset resolution, and encourages state and local governments to consider ways to help them benefit from more use of this new technology.

The resolution continues to describe the various attributes of Bitcoin, starting with the creation of Bitcoin in 2008 by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The document pointed out that the cryptocurrency “has the potential to replace gold as a currency reserve”, emphasized the limited supply of Bitcoin, and pointed out that Bitcoin is “fully decentralized” and can be safely traded without the need for a trusted third party.

In addition, it also pointed out: “Bitcoin has not only proven to be a vital tool for businesses, but it has also proven to be an important tool for protecting people all over the world from currency devaluation.”

The resolution mentioned Moxey, another cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, which was described as “a proprietary digital community currency invented in Louisiana.” Its website describes: “Moxey is a community of thousands of business owners who support each other, and most importantly, they can buy and sell each other without spending cash. Instead, they use their own community currency. Moxey dollars.”

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In summary, Resolution 33 of the Louisiana House of Representatives stipulates:

The Louisiana State Assembly’s House of Representatives praised Satoshi Nakamoto’s contribution to economic security.

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