Spotify will update its UI for its Android and iOS apps this month. Last year, the music streaming service updated its UI to include users’ playlists and podcasts at the top of the home screen. Now Spotify has added a new feature that makes it easier for users to jump back to their recently played songs and podcasts. The recently played feature will show users the history of songs and podcasts for the past three months. The new home screen will also display other convenient navigation and discovery options. The podcast and discovery section will only be available to advanced users.

In a recent blog post, Spotify described in detail what the update will bring to popular music streaming services. The update will be a server-wide change, and the new features will be available to all users by the end of this month.

The new update will allow users to view songs and podcasts from the past three months from the beginning. Recently played Labels on the home screen. It will be displayed along with playlists, albums, and programs that play them. For Spotify’s premium subscribers, new features have been added to their available podcasts. Podcasts that have already been played will display a progress bar detailing what the user has listened to, and a blue dot will be displayed next to the new episode.

Finally, Spotify will not let users miss the new songs of their favorite singers. It will display the artist’s card, which will contain all new songs. But it is not yet certain whether it will only display songs by that specific artist, or only display recommendations for other similar songs and/or artists.

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In other Spotify-related news, the apps on Android and iOS will now support 12 regional languages, including Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam Languages, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. These languages ​​are already available for web clients and will now be promoted to mobile applications.

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