The boys are going to college. Amazon Prime Video is developing a derivative product of its anti-superhero series, which will be managed in an American university operated by Vought International, the company specializing in superheroes for young boys, and the company is managed by The Boys. It will map the life of “hormonal, competitive Supes, as they tested their physical, sexual and moral boundaries, competing for the best contract in the best city. Part college performance, part Hunger Games-full of ” The wholeheartedness, irony and irony of “Boys”.” Like the original series, The Boys College derivative products will also be rated R (US) / 18+ (India).

Due to the high success rate of the second season of “Boys”, “Deadline” first caused the news of “fast-tracking” Amazon’s “Boys” derivative product, which was the largest circulation of Amazon’s original series. According to Amazon, the number of viewers for Boys’ second season has nearly doubled from the first season, to be accurate, 89%. Boys producer Sony Pictures Television, executive producer Seth Rogen, and creator, entertainment presenter and lead writer Eric Kripke confirmed the development of Boys College derivatives via his Twitter account in the next few hours.

Logan wrote: “The movie world has been expanding,” Rogge wrote in the deadline story. Kripke did a lot of things, Said: “Yes, Mom—-RS. (Seriously, I am very grateful to you for such a great success for the “boys”. I had a great time, so I can’t thank you. Also A lot of things to do!) In addition, Sony Pictures Television also said: “#$%^&DIABOLICAL, MATE! The derivative product of Boys is GO! “

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Researcher The Boys executive producer and writer Craig Rosenberg is the creator, executive producer and entertainer of The Boys College derivative products. Rosenberg will also write the pilot (first episode) episode. Many executive producers from The Boys will also continue to serve as vice presidents, including Kripke, Point Gray Pictures’ Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver. And Neil Moritz and Pavin Shetty from the original movie. The spin-offs of Boys Academy are the works of Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television, which are co-produced with Point Grey Pictures, Kripke Enterprises and Original Film.

There is no word on when the derivative works of “Boys” will premiere. Last Friday, Prime Video aired a new episode of the second season of “Boys”. The finale of the second season is scheduled for October 9.