From “disaster girl” and the famous “Charlie biting my finger” video to the man behind the handle of the “flag guy” on Instagram, NFT or irreplaceable tokens, fanaticism has swept the world. What was once created or captured as a relaxing family moment is now worth millions of dollars, all thanks to NFT. Have you ever thought of creating your own art, turning it into an NFT, and then auctioning it? If it is, then you might be interested in it. Earlier this week, the SketchAR app, which has helped people start their creative journey, announced the next step—allowing artists to upload, cast, and auction their works as NFTs.

SketchAR stated that although it has been helping artists for the past four years, the only thing missing is the option of displaying artworks and monetization in a global digital space. This is the problem SketchAR plans to solve now.

“For artists, entering the field of NFT provides another field and format for creating and disseminating art – and another way for their fans to support them,” wrote a blog post in SketchAR.

The app maker said it is ready to provide visual content creators with the monetization opportunities they have been waiting for. Interestingly, if your community chooses you as the “Creator of the Week”, your latest work will be automatically converted to NFT and published on the OpenSea market.

In addition, it said that the team can also select their favorite art works in the event feed and convert them to NFT for free. It says that this is why it is better to create and share more. “The main requirement is that the work must be made directly on the SketchAR application, which proves that the author is a legal right holder.”

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SketchAR has made bigger and better plans for artists. In the third quarter of 2021, the app plans to provide NFT self-service, which will enable any artist to mark their artwork on demand through an automated listing on the professional market.

By the fourth quarter, it will have an internal NFT market to showcase the best artworks created with SketchAR and call on collectors and brands to pay attention to them, thereby opening up more monetization channels for artists.

What is NFT?

NFT or non-fungible tokens are digital assets that one can buy and sell. They have no tangible form themselves. They can be anything, from collectible sports cards to digital sneakers. No two NFTs are the same. This makes it difficult to create and circulate counterfeit NFTs.

And because no two NFTs are the same, they cannot be exchanged directly with each other like cryptocurrencies. When people buy NFT, they get a certificate protected by blockchain technology. Although it is still a relatively new trend in the blockchain world, it is developing rapidly. Videos, in-game items in video games, and even tweets are all auctioned as NFTs.