A new dark web market (DNM) customer discovered that they can purchase illegal goods 24 hours a day through a robot drug dealer on Telegram. The platform called “Televend” is an automated software program that can sell illegal drugs to people who use Bitcoin to pay. In the past few months, this complex system has been greatly developed.

Although many dark web markets are in trouble, many new types of methods have emerged when illicit drugs are sold online. For example, Russia’s largest DNM, Hydra, uses a complex supplier system that uses the drop zone. In addition, many DNM customers have used Messenger apps such as Messenger Messenger, Facebook, Messenger, Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc. to purchase certain drugs.

Recently, DNM users have been using a new Messenger approach that uses Telegram software programs or robots called “Televend” to facilitate drug transactions.

It is not difficult to find relevant Televend links to understand this evolving black market platform. According to the learning channels of the plan, many obstacles must be overcome before using the Televend route. The fixed message of the channel also briefly the of the robot and how the drug seller uses the application.

The channel’s message said: “Televend is a network of automated store robots for direct dealers. We manage the robots and the seller runs them like a private store.” “Customers can access them and use Bitcoin to pay and track orders. And pay, and leave feedback and ratings. Vendors control the list and configuration of their bots through the .onion Tor-based control panel, so they can sell without providing a Telegram account. On this control panel, they can add lists Process orders, reply messages and other functions.”

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The robot drug dealer system on Telegram allows people to buy illegal products in Bitcoin
News.Bitcoin.com observed how Televend works, and the program works like any bot hosted on Telegram. Televend’s robot provides a list of orders, products, order records, supplier feedback, etc.

The creators of Televend claim that the system has about 200,000 users so far, but it is difficult to verify due to the presence of Televend channels with various subscriber numbers. When certain medicines are on sale or new marijuana is mixed in, the robot will notify the customer.

The robot drug dealer system on Telegram allows people to buy illegal products in Bitcoin
Televend claims to have 200,000 users worldwide, but the channel system and the number of subscribers are difficult to verify. There are multiple channels, such as the “Televend France” screenshot above, with more than 10,000 users, and some channels have up to 20,000 subscribers.

Users can leave feedback scores so that other customers can get a glimpse of the trusted vendors operating in the Televend network. However, unlike operations such as Openbazaar or countless DNMs on the deep Web, the use of Televend robots is entirely based on trust. Without a custodial system, the possibility of being defrauded of new immigrants by crooks is higher.

The robot drug dealer system on Telegram allows people to buy illegal products in Bitcoin
The appearance of interacting with the Televend robot. Different vendors provide different names for their robots, and they all sell different products, and some vendors have on the Televend comment channel and Dread forum.

About a month ago, a Reddit user posted a question about Televend on subreddit r/darknet to get information about this new platform. One person said that a supplier told him that he had left DNM Icarus and used the Televend system to sell his medicines. Another user also pointed out that “Televend is great.” The creator of the thread described the software program as a “message system”, “used for drug dealing.”

The r/darknet subscriber wrote: “There is no escrow rights, so you have to rely on feedback/trusted vendors.” “There are many scammers out there, so you need to be extra careful, but I research vendors and only use those that are verified/ Suppliers who trust/good feedback from other sources. Group chats are held so scammers can be quickly identified, and good suppliers are turned away.”

The robot drug dealer system on Telegram allows people to buy illegal products in Bitcoin
Users can get all types of drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, LSD, ecstasy, special K, medicines, etc.

The Televend administrator also detailed instructions that people should follow before using the robot service. For example, the administrator advises people not to register phone numbers and not to join Telegram using SIM hosting/SMS services like 5SIM.

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When registering with services such as 5SIM, Televend operators stated that users should choose other countries, but should avoid using Russia or countries in the former Soviet Union, because Telegram users will encounter problems. Televend administrators also recommend setting up a Telegram client to proxy it through the TOR network.

The robot drug dealer system on Telegram allows people to buy illegal products in Bitcoin
People can use one of the Televend Review channels to provide feedback on specific vendors selling drugs. Feedback usually involves dealing with the supplier, the transportation process, and the quality of the narcotic drugs.

The creators of Televend also recommend using Telegram to set up two-factor authentication. “This is important because your temporary number will no longer be usable, but it will be used by others. With 2FA, your account will not be stolen.” Televend community learning channel said.

Televend has a thriving community of customers and drug suppliers because the robot eliminates many tedious tasks from the drug transaction process. Televend robots also collect commissions from suppliers for all sales performed using the program. In addition, Televend’s core team has been offering rewards for those who help strengthen the network and those who write supplier reviews on DNM forum Dread.

“Televend will pay you 100 Euros in BTC for each supplier mentioned in our network,” an administrator called “@TelevendPR”. “All they have to do is mention your Telegram username and make an initial deposit of at least 200 euros”

In another thread posted on the r/darknet forum, some users said that Televend hosts “some of the best providers in the UK”. However, the biggest warning from most Televend users is that novices must thoroughly research the supplier, because the bot system is completely based on trust.

“I have used it,” another Reddit user on r/darknet. “I like it. It’s best to study your suppliers carefully because there is no hosting relationship. If you know how to find them, some of the best and most trusted suppliers will be there.”

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