Pokemon Go has a new AR Mapping task function, which will be displayed on some PokeStops. This will allow players to actually explore the area around PokeStop to complete the mission. The development results have been shared on the official website and Twitter, with a YouTube video that explains how the function works. The AR Mapping mission function was first released in May, and now it has finally entered the game. However, at startup, this feature is not available for all players.

Pokemon Go AR mapping task: how it works

The video shared by game developer Niantic on the official Pokemon Go website and YouTube shows that players or people called “trainers” in the game can now receive interactive tasks from certain PokeStops and Gyms. After receiving such tasks by rotating the “PokeStops” icon, the player will need to use AR to scan the screen, which will ask the trainer to scan the surrounding environment. They will be asked to explore the surrounding area within a certain range or another PokeStop. Once the task is completed, the trainer will be rewarded. This task will be considered a field research task.

Every PokeStop will have an AR Mapping task every day. Niantic said that AR Mapping tasks will be provided to trainers of level 20 and above. Players with Niantic Kids account cannot use this feature, but parents can enable this feature in the future. There is no mention of when the date will be implemented.

According to the AR Mapping task interpreter on the website, players need to keep certain things in mind, such as a 20 to 30 second scan placing the complete PokeStop in the center of the frame will provide a good PokeStop scan. A consistent movement speed will also help, if possible, the player should rotate 360 ​​degrees around PokeStop for best results.

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According to Engadget’s report, Niantic first shared that it is improving the augmented reality function of Pokemon Go in May. The trainer is required to scan the location that allows the developer to make a 3D map of PokeStop, thereby further allowing the interaction between real-world objects and Pokemon.

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