On February 19th, Canadian podcast and Freedomain radio host Stefan Molyneux discussed his thoughts on Bitcoin, as the turmoil of the crypto asset has continuously occupied a market valuation of more than $1 trillion. In a recent speech, Molyneux described the potential that Bitcoin can unleash to the public, and how crypto networks can better change humanity.

“Bitcoin is a currency that serves the people at the expense of parasites”

Just recently, cryptocurrency communicator and philosopher Stefan Molyneux introduced the Bitcoin blockchain in detail. Molyneux delivered the opening speech by answering questions about the difficulty of scaling BTC and ETH. The Freedomain radio host said that criticism is a good thing, but people in the encryption field will not give up easily.

Molyneux mentioned that Bitcoin’s market value has just passed the trillion-dollar milestone and pointed out that those who have increased this value will not give up. He insisted that many cryptocurrency proponents have spent a decade promoting adoption and mentioned solutions such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Lightning Network.

Molyneux emphasized in his video: “The Bitcoin community is almost made up of the smartest, economically and ideologically motivated people on the planet.” Alternative currency, it is not only a store of value, nor is it a cool public ledger. Molyneux added that Bitcoin is a powerful force.

The philosopher Stefan Molyneux stated that “Bitcoin is the largest prison break in human history”
Stefan Molyneux, Freedomain broadcasting philosopher and anarchist capitalist.

Freedomain’s philosopher continued: “As I publicly stated in my speech many years ago, Bitcoin – Bitcoin is the end of war, the end of hyperinflation, and the potential for ending intergenerational debt – Bitcoin is a benevolent mission to the future. -Bitcoin is the new peace religious conference that Jesus participated in, called cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the first time in world history that people regained control over currency -Bitcoin is currency democratization, politicization, and predatory currency Change.”

Molyneux added:

Bitcoin is a currency that serves the people at the cost of parasites, not the currency that currently serves the people at the expense of the people. Bitcoin is saving your precious labor, so as not to be endlessly plagued by the invisible vampire mosquitoes of the central bank.

Today’s legal tender is closely related to slavery

The philosopher went on to praise the Bitcoin community and said that cryptocurrency people are “very smart”. He said that the beautiful and “lost people” are committed to a peaceful future and the richness that Bitcoin can represent.

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The philosopher Stefan Molyneux stated that “Bitcoin is the largest prison break in human history”

Molyneux further pointed out that the legal currency currently allocated by the world’s oligarchic bureaucracy is “slavery.”

“What we understand is that currency is now slavery. Currency is called to exist, but it will harm your child’s futures. Molyneux revealed that you think this is a dollar sign, a slow neck-like sucking lasso on your child’s Twisted and twisted around the neck.

Molyneux continues to emphasize that the national debt is “a real human trafficking problem.” You need to understand the bitcoin space he added. “The passion of these incredibly talented people for the oldest human problem-how do you store value so that the predatory vampire bastard of thieves can never withstand the tentacles sucking on their necks?” How do you store value So that you can truly restore value? “Molyneux asked.

He added:

Civilization is the store of value. How do you recharge? The civilization you know.Bitcoin is about how you store value [parasites] Can’t do this. They just can’t do it.You deposit money in the bank, inflation eats it, you store the meat by the river, flies lay eggs in it, you can’t eat it, you get gold coins in Rome, they put all kinds of bimetals [crap] Enter gold and destroy its value.

“An image of a revolution that has never been seen in human history”

Molyneux said that human beings are all about storing value, and in the eyes of evangelists, the storage and preservation of value is everything in life. The philosopher insisted: “By creating something that can store value outside the country, it is like a revolution that has never been seen in human history.”

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“If the shells on a certain island are currency,” Molyneux elaborated by analogy. “So, you need 3 shells a day to live. If you get 4 shells, someone will take the fourth shell. Then tomorrow you won’t bother to get the fourth shell. You only need to stick to three shells. , There will be no progress, because no value can be preserved or stored. Nothing can be built, because everything built will be taken away.” He added.

The philosopher Stefan Molyneux stated that “Bitcoin is the largest prison break in human history”
“Bitcoin is the biggest jailbreak in human history,” Molyneux’s video emphasized.

Molyneux continued: “Imagine… everything you built will be taken away. It’s happening. [right] Now you get it. Everything you built has been taken away by unfunded debt, national debt, and inflation-everything you built has been taken away. You just hold it now and let it have a little time to give you the illusion so that you can go to work tomorrow. “

Bitcoin represents a new financial system that will not use unborn people as collateral

Molyneux said you can have a house. But this is really not your house. He emphasized that you must pay the government every year to maintain government status.

The details of Molyneux’s speech said: “The government has put too much debt on it, and you have put so much debt on it, and at some point it will be owned by foreign bankers.” “Or the entire currency will collapse, society Go back to the barbaric gang, and you lose your house. You pretend to have a house, you pretend to have electricity, you pretend to have a car, you pretend that you have everything, but you have nothing.”

The Freedomain broadcast host further said:

You know that in 2030, “You have nothing, you will be happy” [that’s the way it is] right now. In fact, you owe, you don’t own, you owe. You are only allowed to pretend that you have something so that you can get up to go to work tomorrow.That’s it

Molyneux emphasized that Bitcoin has changed this process. He pointed out that Bitcoin is the first Bitcoin that can actually keep parasites away from stealing value. He said that the society we live in today treats babies and unborn people as “collateral.” Bitcoin can support a system that eliminates this unethical system.

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Molyneux pointed out: “If you usually understand how much debt you have incurred just because you breathe.” “If you have really looked at that math, you will find it very simple,” he added.

Molyneux’s speech lasts another 20 minutes, and readers of news.Bitcoin.com can watch the rest of his speech here.

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