Those of us finally got the map of the airship. The fourth map of the game is also the largest map to date, which includes multiple floors, equipment, new tasks and a new set of hats. Developer InnerSloth announced the new map for the first time at the 2020 Game Awards in December. Thanks to its widespread popularity, “Among Us” has been constantly updated to make multiplayer games even better. “Among Us” was launched in 2018, but last year due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, everyone had to go home, so it was a huge success last year. The new map update of the game has also brought an increase in the number of players. At the same time, it has also received a new code of conduct.

InnerSloth announced an update via a blog post on Thursday, detailing all the features we are receiving. The developers claim that they “updated the artistic style with cleaner lines and easier animation processing.” In our latest airship map, tasks such as polishing gems and removing garbage will be included. The new update will also enable players to choose the room they start from and provide a new exploration area for the game.

Among us, by adding ladders and mobile platforms, we have also improved the way our characters move in the game. Finally, the new update provides players with more choices, including heart-shaped pins, angry eyebrows, unicorn avatars, etc. In order for players to experience the new features, they should have at least iOS 13 or Android 6 or higher.

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The game’s schedule is to complete tasks, form a team with up to 15 players, and try to avoid being killed and figure out who the imposter is. Recently, InnerSloth includes cross-platform gaming features and included Nintendo Switch in the list of platforms compatible with the game. The company also announced in December 2020 that “Among Us” will be available on Microsoft’s PC Xbox Game Pass and will be available on the Xbox console later this year.

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