Opera announced that Opera for Chromebooks has become the world’s first alternative browser optimized for the Chrome operating system. The browser brings multiple features to the Chrome OS platform, such as free unlimited, no log browser VPN, ad blocker, cookie conversation blocker, and color themes. In addition, the browser comes with WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger, making it the only browser that offers this feature on a Chromebook, according to the company. It also stated that Opera for Chromebooks is built on the Opera browser for Android and has been customized and optimized.

According to a blog post, Opera for Chromebook makes the browsing experience “smooth and enjoyable” on machines supported by the Chrome operating system. In addition to providing free and unlimited built-in VPN, ad blocker and protection from annoying GDPR-related cookie conversations, the Opera browser also has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. There are multiple instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, and social media platforms integrated in them, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger.

Other features of Opera for Chromebook include a set of five color themes that can be used in light and dark mode. The company said that the Chromebook version of Opera is eye-friendly and has a special night mode to protect users from blue light glare. It promotes carnival viewing of shows and videos and late-night reading/learning.

When talking about things behind the scenes, it is said that the Chromebook version of Opera is fast and lightweight because it is built on the Android version of Opera browser. According to the company, users can use the Flow function to synchronize Opera for Chromebook with Opera browsers on other devices, including Windows, Android, and iOS. This feature allows users to synchronize and share notes, images, files and links by simply scanning the QR code.

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