On January 21st, there will be an online investigation competition called “Bitcoin Quest” where people can use their cryptographic analysis skills to find the mnemonic Bitcoin seed phrase hidden in the artwork. The winner of the cryptocurrency holder who has exhausted the artwork will be able to win the Bitcoin Discovery Analyst certificate, 13 prizes worth $150 each, and three Satochip hardware wallets.

The team behind the crypto industry organization Hotmine, Its Business Baby, School Bitcoin, Satochip and Ed Khan Crypto Gallery have launched a competition called Bitcoin Quest. Interesting events enable people to discover Bitcoin seeds hidden in unique artworks. Those who wish to join the online treasure hunt can view the rules and guidelines here.

The new Bitcoin exploration competition gives people a chance to find crypto seeds hidden in pictures

So far, there are two telegram groups that can join the mnemonic bitcoin seeded bitcoin exploration journey in Russian and English. One of the organizers behind the Bitcoin Exploration Art Contest told news.Bitcoin.com that the event will officially start on January 21, 2021, and Telegram users should use @helpmyquestbot to obtain a lot of information about the exploration.

“The cryptocurrency analyst competition that hides Bitcoin in art is an adventure,” the Bitcoin Quest announcement detailed. Participants demonstrated their analytical capabilities by viewing the details of the big picture. The participant’s goal is to find the words and compile the Bitcoin seed. It is 14 characters long and can access the bitcoins saved in the winning addresses (13 of them + 3 Satochip addresses) in the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet (PC version),” the organizer added.

The new Bitcoin exploration competition gives people a chance to find crypto seeds hidden in pictures
Bitcoin Quest is a project developed by Jeff Fawkes aka’Bitpainter, the artist who has been hiding seeds in pictures since 2017.

Contest winners will be able to try to win 13 Bitcoin prizes in the artwork, each worth $150, as well as three Satochip hardware wallets. The Satochip wallet will also use the unique pattern of the 2021 Bitcoin Discovery Competition. Participants also emphasized that they will also receive a “Bitcoin Quest Analyst certificate”, and with such documents, “No one dares to doubt your skills.”

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In addition, the winners will be recorded and engraved into the blockchain in a consistent way. “We will list all the winners in the Ethereum blockchain,” the Bitcoin Quest announcement stated. “It will be available through the Eternal Note service msgeth.com or Etherscan.io. The transaction ID will be added to a single certificate.”

The competition was created to improve people’s understanding of Bitcoin and mnemonic phrases. Encryption skills are important and require hardware and software to participate in the latest tasks. The user will need a Telegram account, knowledge about the Electrum wallet, a computer, a large monitor, etc. Then, in order to start the search task, the user needs to obtain the pictures from the Bitcoin Quest Telegram channel on and after January 21st.

Just follow the official mission rules and tips to find the seeds, and then discard one or two winning seeds from the artwork. “You need to complete all of the above operations faster than all other crypto analysts,” the creator of Bitcoin Quest told news.Bitcoin.com. Bitcoin Quest is another pet project of Jeff Fawkes, also known as “Bitpainter”. He is an artist who has been using Bitcoin in large drawings since 2017. Coin mnemonic seed creation art.

Fox said: “I want to combine my two great passions: art and encryption technology.” “This is where the idea of’Bitcoin Quest’ came up. In the competition, I drew with hidden Bitcoin wallet seeds. Pictures and keep any bitcoins found.

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