Christie’s auction house announced on Friday that a buyer of landmark works by digital artist Beeple had sold for US$69.3 million (approximately Rs 50.4 crore), a leading collector of new technology under the pseudonym Metakovan.

The sale of the virtual mosaic work “Every Day: First 5,000 Days” created by the real name of the American artist Mike Winkelmann caused turmoil in the art market, and digital art was still a niche market six months ago .

British painter David Hockney (David Hockney) and American visual artist Jeff Koons (Jeff Koons), two artists have achieved higher prices in the history of art.

Metakovan, the purchaser of digital collages, is one of the oldest investors in “NFT” (ie “non-fungible token”). “NFT” is a virtual object such as “Everydays” with authenticity and traceability It is considered inviolable.

“NFT” is based on the so-called “blockchain” technology, which is also used in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

In 2017, Metakovan became famous with his partner (pseudonym Twobadour). His identity is also a close secret. Metakovan founded Metapurse, which is the main investment fund for “NFT” virtual goods, and he is the main investor.

In early January, Metapurse announced that it had purchased 20 virtual paintings from Beeple for a total price of approximately $2.2 million.

Metakovan said in a statement issued by Christie’s: “When you think of high-value NFTs, it will be hard to beat.” “That’s why-it represents 13 years of daily work.”

The 39-year-old artist is from Charleston, South Carolina. He started the “Everydays” project as early as 2007, with the mission of making works every day.

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After 5,000 consecutive days, “Every Day” brings together his daily works in digital form, starting with simple images of his Uncle Jim, to detailed graphic portraits of Donald Trump, Buzz Lightyear, and Michael Jackson characters , A children’s painting portrayed as a dystopian muse.

To date, Winkelmann has produced 5,064 consecutive images-which can be seen separately in his Instagram feed.

Technology can be copied, and technology can be surpassed, but the only thing that cannot be digitized is time,” Metakovan said. “This is the jewel in the crown and the most valuable contemporary art. Worth billions of dollars. “

In mid-January, Metapurse announced the launch of three virtual museums, where the proceeds from the fund will be showcased and enhanced through the use of virtual reality.