Microsoft Teams has provided general availability of its personal functions to people on desktops, mobile devices, and the Web. In June last year, this new experience was previewed on the mobile version of Microsoft Teams on Android and iOS devices, and users can make video calls with family and friends in the same way as with corporate customers and colleagues in the office. All users can use the personal features on Microsoft Teams for free.

As announced last year, the personal features of Microsoft Teams include video calls and group chats. You can also access the “common mode” during video calls with friends and family for a more personalized experience-and recreate the virtual environment of the coffee shop or living room.

Microsoft Teams comes with “Together Mode”, which can bring a new virtual environment to friends and family
Image source: Microsoft

Microsoft also allows you to use real-time emoji reactions and GIFs to express emotions when making video calls with friends and family. In addition, Microsoft Teams allows you to share links to video calls with people who don’t even have the Teams app installed on their phones or desktops. They can join the call via a web browser.

You can invite up to 300 people to join a team video call at a time. This means that even if your relatives and friends are far away from your residence, you can hold a virtual ceremony.

Especially in group chats, you can share to-do lists and assign tasks. The group chat will also include future opinion polls. In addition, people who do not have an account to use Microsoft Teams can interact in group chats via SMS messages.

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Microsoft Teams with personal features can be used on all platforms, including iOS, Android and desktop. If you already have Microsoft Teams to participate in your professional meetings, you can add a personal account to start virtual communication with your friends and family.

In addition to bringing personal features, Microsoft also announced that it will provide new experiences for free. This means you can talk to up to 300 users on the Teams app for 24 hours without paying. In view of the coronavirus pandemic, a free product was launched in November.

Microsoft’s main goal is to achieve Zoom through its personal features and free video calls. In the first phase of COVID-19 last year, a large number of people began to use video call services, so Zoom has always dominated the field of group video calls.

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