Microsoft Teams is Redmond’s team communication solution designed to use technologies such as Slack, Google Meet and Zoom. The company is receiving a series of updates to enhance the user experience. Microsoft announced these updates at the same time that it officially launched Microsoft Build 2021 on Tuesday. The new changes will enable developers to provide real-time multi-user collaboration for their applications, thereby providing users with whiteboards, design and project boards. Microsoft also brought updates to Outlook and Windows and a series of new announcements specifically aimed at the developer community working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

As the spread of COVID-19 forces people to stay indoors and work remotely, Microsoft Teams has become more popular and more useful for professionals and students around the world. Microsoft recently revealed that Teams has 145 million users every day. Considering this growth and its potential for further expansion, the Seattle, Washington-based company brought shared stage integration. This will allow developers to build collaborative applications on top of the team.

These applications will be able to provide a real-time multi-user collaboration experience through the configuration in the application manifest. Microsoft also announced an extension to the Together mode available in Teams, so that developers can bring custom scenes to your virtual meetings.

Microsoft Teams will now allow developers to build custom scenarios for Together mode
Image source: Microsoft

Developers are also provided with new media APIs with specific resource permissions, enabling them to access audio and video streams available in team meetings in real time to provide features such as transcription, note recording, and insights gathered through their apps.

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In addition, Microsoft announced the provision of fluid components in the private preview. These components will provide an experience such as sending messages with forms, operation items or lists. This information can be co-authored and edited by everyone online to maximize It reduces the need for long chat threads and meetings to a great extent.

Microsoft also enables developers to access the team’s meeting event API, which can automate meeting-related workflows through events such as the start or end of the meeting. In addition, developers have obtained a dedicated Microsoft Teams developer portal to provide a standalone application management console that can be accessed via the Web or in Teams. It will help developers register and configure their applications in a single or central location. The new location can be used as an upgrade to the existing App Studio.

The arrival of the Microsoft Teams developer portal may encourage developers to build new experiences for Teams, which may make the competition between Slack, Google Meet and Zoom more difficult.

In addition to the update, Microsoft also announced support for mail extensions in Outlook on the web. This will enable users to find message extensions, allowing them to integrate tasks available in the team in their messages when sending an email to someone in Outlook. It is available through a new menu based on the search-based mail extension, which can be accessed through an email client.

Microsoft Outlook Mail Extension Image Microsoft Outlook Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook is gaining support for mail extensions
Image source: Microsoft

The Windows Linux Subsystem (WSL), which allows users to run Linux tools and applications on Windows computers, has gained support for Linux graphical user interface (GUI) applications. This will help to run a complete Linux GUI application on a Windows computer without having to set up a traditional virtual machine. The Windows search bar also received support for personalized results that surfaced from corporate tools such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. In addition, Microsoft announced the availability of the preview version of Windows Terminal 1.9 included with Quake Mode. This will allow users to use keyboard shortcuts to open new terminal windows from anywhere in Windows.

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At this year’s Microsoft Build, the company emphasized its growing interest in simplifying the developer experience and the experience of building remote workflows. It announced a new update for Visual Studio 2019, which is generally available for productivity enhancements for .Net and C++ development, enhanced built-in Git tools, and support for creating GitHub Actions workflows directly from the IDE. The Windows manufacturer also released a roadmap for Visual Studio 2022 to bring an advanced development environment.

Microsoft also announced the Microsoft Search Federation as its unified search product across Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search and Dynamics 365. Outlook also got an Organization Explorer this summer so that teams can discover their relationships and visually explore their colleagues and teams.

In addition, Microsoft announced the launch of the Snapdragon Developer Kit in cooperation with Qualcomm, which aims to help developers build applications for ARM-based PCs and laptops. Small desktop PCs based on Snapdragon 7c will be sold through the Microsoft Store this summer. It is claimed to be cheaper than consumer laptops, thus attracting a large number of developers.