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The Microsoft Store brings a new experience to Xbox Insiders, which will be launched on a large scale later this year

The Microsoft Store on Xbox has gained a brand new experience, which is said to be faster, safer, and easier to use. Microsoft said it has rebuilt the store experience from the ground up to make it twice as fast as previous stores. The intuitive experience makes it easier to navigate and find what you need. It is currently only available in the beta version of Xbox Insiders and will start rolling out on August 5. As of now, there is no date for mass launch.

Microsoft described Xbox’s new store experience as faster, safer, and easier to use in its blog post. According to the company, the new store can now be launched in two seconds, and pages can load faster. The search function has also been improved, making it “easier than ever to find what you need”. The Microsoft Store shows the embedded trailer and which games your friends are also playing more clearly than before.

There is also a video in the post showing the new Microsoft Store on Xbox.

The navigation system has also been redesigned to make it easier for users to find the games, apps, movies or TV shows they want. Now it’s easier to filter search results, helping to easily add games to your “wish list” and shopping cart.

Xbox’s Microsoft Store will also see improvements in content filtering. This is consistent with the family settings applied to the sub-account, ensuring that content rated beyond a certain filtering level does not appear anywhere. If parents want, this update makes it easier for parents to add exceptions for games, movies or TV shows.

Microsoft said that Xbox Insiders should be able to see the update as early as August 5. Initially, it will be pushed to a certain number of Insiders, and the rest will be obtained over time. All other users can expect to get the update later this year, when the Xbox Series X is expected to be released.

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