Press release. The adoption of encryption technology is at the peak of the trend, as is Antier Solutions in India, which has promoted the development of the business in a relatively short period of time.Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Development Company Launched 500 million USD worth of tokens for global customers. In this $1 trillion industry, this is an encouraging achievement for one of the first to enter this industry. Decentralized financial development.

“We have made tremendous efforts to commit to the futuristic scope of decentralized finance, which has made a remarkable leap in the past two years, and we are extremely proud of this. Although people have an irregular attitude toward business, but We have never deviated from the core area, but have created products that can bring explosive benefits to the enterprise. “–As Chief Operating Officer Shashi Pal said, Ante Solutions.

For Antier, Crypto token development It is an integral part of their center of excellence. The company provides full stack support from planning, development and listing of tokens on leading platforms.

“We can do it by writing complex algorithms in smart contracts and simplifying them through the user-centric language of the white paper. In addition, we are good at market-making services to expand users’ adoption of tokens in major markets. In addition to BFSI, our Smart contract development service It is expanding in contemporary areas such as gaming, lottery and NFT asset space. “-Added Shashi.

It is important to note that DeFi’s rapid growth has reached a value of more than one billion dollars. As a result, various “Fortune 500” companies have realized this potential and actively cooperated with Antier to turn their vision into reality.

Excited by the company’s plans, Shashi added: “We are working tirelessly towards the world’s first DeFi wallet In this way, users can borrow and invest in different DeFi protocols on the same dashboard and ensure seamless passive income. This will also include our signature portfolio management services for institutional and individual investors. “

Antier Solutions is a growing team of more than 150 blockchain consultants located in Chandigarh, a fast-growing secondary city in northern India. The company has global offices in the United Kingdom, Canada, the UAE and the United States. For many years, the company has been actively developing products based on digital currency.In the blockchain fraternity, it uses its Crypto Bank Service, Cryptocurrency exchange development, DeFi solution development, Wallet development, Smart contract development and a series of custom blockchain development services.

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