SSD manufacturer Galax warns users that mining storage devices that require large amounts of storage and high-speed storage of cryptocurrency will invalidate the SSD’s warranty. The company posted a notice on its Chinese website to warn users not to lose SSD warranty service because many people want to mine Chia, a new cryptocurrency created by BitTorrent protocol developer Bram Cohen. Unlike well-known cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum, which usually require powerful processing power, Chia requires more storage than processing power for mining.

Galax stated without notifying Chia that if users of SSD use it to mine cryptocurrency, its warranty will be invalidated, resulting in much higher data write volume than regular usage patterns. The Hong Kong-based company became one of the first SSD manufacturers to comment on the emerging impact of cryptocurrencies that require the use of SSD storage for mining.

Chia is such a cryptocurrency. Although it has not yet started trading, it has attracted many people who seek to mine cryptocurrency. A large number of potential miners for Chia are from the Asia-Pacific region-most of them are from China-they already have large-capacity SSDs to mine Chia.

According to the DigiTimes report cited by TechSpot, compared with the previous month, Adata’s orders for high-capacity SSDs increased by 500% in April. Chinese memory peripherals manufacturer Jiahe Jinwei also reported that its 1TB and 2TB NVMe SSDs are sold out in the market.

Chia is based on a time proof and storage mining mechanism, which can replace the traditional proof of work used by Bitcoin and Ethereum. Therefore, compared to the high-end performance that other cryptocurrency miners usually get from advanced graphics cards, it requires a lot of storage space and faster writing speeds.

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Although proof of time and storage is considered a fairer and greener alternative to existing mechanisms in the blockchain world, since Chia’s potential miners have begun to stock high-performance SSDs, the growing interest in Chia may be The SSD market has an adverse effect. The increasing demand for solid state drives (especially solid state drives with terabytes of storage capacity) may burden their supply and ultimately push up their prices.

In other words, the growing storage demand for mining Chia may also encourage SSD manufacturers to build SSDs for mining over time.

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