On June 21, New Yorkers were pleasantly surprised when they saw a man flying in the air on a hoverboard while crossing Times Square. Although a flying man may still not be the most common sight, this hoverboard is rapidly gaining popularity, especially among the younger generation. Remember the Frenchman Franky Zapata who flew over the English Channel on a flying board in 2019? After he reached a speed of 177 kilometers per hour, he completed the 35 kilometers journey in just 22 minutes. No, it’s not Zapata in Times Square this time, but the man taking off on the hoverboard reminds us of this French inventor.

A video shows the man wearing a full set of protective equipment, standing on an air cushion, steadily and calmly walking through crowded Times Square. Although some passers-by were a little surprised, they quickly took out their phones and recorded them to the man. Undeniably, the 10-second video shared on Twitter makes us think about whether it is a scene from a superhero movie.

The headline of the post on Twitter was: “Oh, nothing-just a guy flying around in New York.”

Many people think of the Green Goblin, who first appeared as a villain in “Spider-Man” in 2002. One of the users @blurayangel reposted the video and wrote: “Green Devil???”

Another user @BlockbusterPlus shared a picture from the 2002 movie.

This is another user @Steven_C5, who warned: “We used to know how it turned out.”

However, the user @KraigWith_A_K ​​took it to a new level and said that it was all fun and gameplay until he appeared in front of your bedroom window. “It’s all fun and game, until you see him looking at your second floor bedroom window in the middle of the night,” the tweet read.

Here are some reactions:

When the user wanted to know who this person was, Inside Edition magazine approached him. The person who flies like the Green Goblin is Hunter Kowald, who said he has permission from the authorities to fly in Times Square.

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“I spent years on this matter to achieve this goal, at least to do it safely and correctly,” he said, adding that this is a highly engineered device. “The device has a lot of safety features built in, so basically, I can make two motors fail but still land safely,” Kowald said.

He further added that this stunt is legal. “We obtained permission and made requests in advance, and everyone was by our side to make sure we did it right,” Kovald said.