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The luxury professional network token is officially listed on PROBIT – press release Bitcoin News

Press release. LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK token is now officially listed on PROBIT, a world-renowned professional digital currency exchange.

Officials from both organizations expressed their opinions.

“I think that LPNT’s solid strategy will benefit users and investors in many ways, because this financial revolution will enable everything to become the best in the growth ladder for a long time,” he said. Mr. Eesmond Hwee, Deputy Director of PROBIT. “

“Listing on the internationally renowned digital currency exchange PROBIT will promote the utilization, circulation, demand and supply of LPNT, because users will be able to buy it for use in various industries, Said Mr. Satish Mostra, CMD, LPNT with Mr. Happy Sheikh, head of LPNT Global Company.

The team plans to increase the value of this incredible achievement by using all the attributes of LPN TOKEN, such as a decentralized cryptocurrency payment gateway, foreign exchange transactions with LPN TOKEN, a decentralized cryptocurrency vault, and a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet , Decentralized cryptocurrency-LPN TOKEN.

LPN TOKEN already has a huge global physical community with more than 200,000 users. This global community has played a key role in elevating the utilization, circulation, supply and demand of LPNT to new levels on multiple platforms.

This is why the team did its best to obtain the ERC20 protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain, paired with the U.S. dollar to achieve this multi-purpose token for worry-free foreign exchange transactions.

The group may introduce some decentralized applications in the first quarter of 2021 to increase the physical volume of LPN TOKEN through the manifold. Alpha testing of these DApps has been successfully completed.

The potential of all these key functions of LPN TOKEN has been utilized by manifolds on multiple platforms. This ensures that the utilization of LPN TOKEN is increased through the manifold.

LPNT’s decentralized payment gateway has been helping millions of users process payments related to foreign exchange transactions, as well as more services, from one place in the world to unprecedented ease, security and speed.

As a global leader in the field of foreign exchange trading, LPNT is extremely proud of meeting the needs of users with the world’s best MT-5 solution.

With the help of LPNT’s sister company NEXT Forex Technologies LLC, the group also provides 200% cryptocurrency trading leverage for all registered and fully verified users.

The LPN TOKEN team includes experienced foreign exchange trading experts and internationally renowned liquidity providers such as SwissQuote, Saxo Bank and GBE PRIME Brokerage Solutions. All in all, the role of the cryptocurrency and foreign exchange trading industry, recording trillions of dollars in revenue every day, will become the key to the growth of LPN TOKEN.

The decentralized LPNT cryptocurrency wallet is a multi-purpose application. It has been specifically designed and developed to ensure safe, fast, decentralized and peer-to-peer fund/payment transfers worldwide for offline/online shopping, services related to foreign exchange transactions, and more.

Users from all over the world can use the financial potential of LPN TOKEN in various industries. This is how the acceptance rate of LPN TOKEN has reached the next level and will continue to be maintained.

This is how the demand for LPN TOKEN continues to grow in the cryptocurrency market. As the demand for LPN TOKEN rises significantly, the group will implement a specially designed strategy to systematically shorten the circulating supply to ensure that the financial value of LPNT in various industries including the cryptocurrency market increases.


LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK TOKEN is a global leader in the field of foreign exchange transactions and luxury transportation services. The organization is now joining the global cryptocurrency trend, and its goal is to add new value to the financial experience of global users.







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