Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy (Andrew McCarthy) shared three slides showing the International Space Station (ISS) crossed the moon and plunged into a virus-spread moon. This article will delight space and astronomy enthusiasts, as it presents an amazing view as the ISS crosses the moon and is illuminated with amazing details.

The second slide in the post shows ISS’s fascinating view of the new moon, while the third is a video tape, which shows the station briskly moving past the moon. “This is a transit captured from my backyard this morning, and because the moon is almost invisible to the sun’s glare, it is difficult to capture. McCarthy wrote in a post published two weeks ago that the illuminated part on the moon only lasted. In a fraction of a second, the speed displayed in the video is reduced by about 6 times.

On April 10th, McCarthy (McCarthy) also shared a topic on Twitter. The photographer from California said that this was the most difficult transit he had ever tried to capture.

He tweeted: “Today, @Space_Station briefly passed the 5.6% new moon. This is the most difficult way I have ever tried to capture. It needs to take more than 150 pictures per second to secure my photos. Arranged correctly.”.

For the transition video of ISS against the moon, Twitter user @mailutkarsh97 asked if the station looked like a TIE fighter from Star Wars.

This is more of a reaction to McCarthy’s brilliance.

So, do you like the photos and videos taken by McCarthy? Please let us know in the comments.

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