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The head of EU industry warned that if technology companies do not comply with regulations, they will face a ban

The head of the European industry, Thierry Breton, told the German weekly Le Monde that the European Commission is responsible for finalizing the rules for Internet companies. If technology companies do not comply with EU regulations, they may be prohibited from selling on the European market. Breton will announce the new draft rules, the “Digital Services Act” and the “Digital Market Act”, together with European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager on December 2.

The rule will list what goalkeepers (online companies with market power) can and cannot do, forcing them to share data with competitors and regulators instead of unfairly promoting their services and products.

When the new draft rules were introduced, critics of US technology giants, including companies and industry groups, questioned the EU’s ruling on Google’s alphabet unit, Google, saying they had not curbed its so-called anti-competitive behavior. Some people want EU enforcers to go further and not just order companies to stop this practice.The draft rule will allow the EU to ban companies in the 27-nation group or some of their services as an extreme option

Until the draft rules are passed, EU antitrust and digital regulators currently do not have the authority to implement such bans. “Strict rules must be enforceable,” Breton told Welt am Sonntag. “For this, we need to take appropriate measures, take appropriate measures: impose fines, exclude the company or some of its services from the single market, insist on splitting, if they want to continue to enter the single market, or use all of these together .”

He added that these sanctions only apply to companies that do not comply with EU rules, and the most severe measures will only be used in special circumstances. To show how much technology companies are afraid of this new regulation, the Google department launched a 60-day strategy last month to urge the US allies to contend with the EU’s digital chiefs.

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