WarnerMedia announced that the HBO Max app will be available on Amazon Fire TV devices, Amazon Fire tablets and Fire TV Edition smart TVs starting Tuesday. This solves one of the biggest problems with streaming service HBO Max for nearly six months, because Amazon’s Fire TV platform is the most popular media streaming device in the United States. You may not even download it-the existing HBO app on Fire TV will automatically update to the HBO Max app.

More importantly, HBO Max will be compatible with Alexa. This means you just need to say “Alexa, find HBO Max” in the included Alexa Voice Remote or any paired Echo device in your family to open the HBO Max app. You can even play HBO Max shows directly, for example: “Alexa, play “Game of Thrones”.” If you ask “Alexa, find comedy” or “Alexa, find opera”, HBO Max series and movies will also be included on Fire TV Search results.

The HBO Max Fire TV app also makes logging in easier. If you subscribe to HBO through Prime Video Channels, you can use your existing HBO credentials or Amazon credentials. Finally, you can even register for HBO Max directly in the new HBO Max Fire TV app.

In this way, HBO Max solves one of its biggest living room pain points. (It still doesn’t offer 4K or HDR, but this is another matter entirely.) Roku is still being shelved. According to reports, controversy over the future sales of ad-supported ads for HBO Max continues, and the ad-level is expected to be in 2021 Launched sometime. Amazon and Roku together constitute more than 70% of the media streaming player market.

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According to data from WarnerMedia’s parent company AT&T, currently only available in the United States and parts of the United States, HBO Max had 8.6 million active users at the end of September. However, only 3.6 million are direct paying users, and the rest access HBO Max through wholesale agreements (such as agreements with pay TV providers).

Since its launch in May, the streaming service has been working hard to convert its existing HBO users to HBO Max. Those HBO who pay on TV can use HBO Max for free, otherwise they have to pay $15 a month. HBO Max has a total of 28.7 million subscribers in nominal terms, including HBO among TV members, but these redundant subscribers did not bother to activate their HBO Max accounts.

Tony Goncalves, director of sales and distribution at WarnerMedia, said in a prepared statement: “We are delighted that Amazon customers are now able to enjoy the best-in-class content in HBO Max.” “Our continued goal is Make HBO Max and its unparalleled content available to customers on all their favorite devices. Fire TV is the most popular among customers, and we look forward to working with the Amazon team to attract and grow by showing everything that HBO Max must provide Our existing user base.”

Marc Whitten, vice president of Amazon Entertainment Devices and Services, added: “For many years, we have been working closely with HBO to bring its excellent content to Fire TV, and through search integration, Alexa and personalized recommendations, etc. Features make it easier to discover and enjoy. We are excited to continue our collaboration with HBO Max to bring more incredible content to customers on Fire TV.”

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HBO Max is currently only used in the United States. It is planned to be launched in parts of Europe and Latin America in 2021. WarnerMedia said that there are currently no plans for other countries, including India, and the company said it will temporarily work with existing partners. In India, WarnerMedia has connections with Netflix, Amazon and Disney + Hotstar.