Netflix is ​​making Gundam movies. On Monday, the world’s largest subscription-based video streaming service announced that Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Jordan Vogt-Roberts) will direct and produce a live-action movie in the form of a live-action Gundam movie, and Jordan Vogt-Roberts ( Jordan Vogt-Roberts is famous for directing “Airport: Skull Island”. Comic writer Brian K. Vaughan-known as “Y: The Last Man”, “Former Mechanic” and “The Fugitive”-will use the Gundam Netflix movie script. The studios behind Legendary Films (Kong: Skull Island) and other MonsterVerse movies (including the most recent Godzilla and Kongs (King: Skull Island)) will produce for Netflix. Vaughan will also collaborate with Cale Boyter to produce legendary works, as well as Gundam’s Japanese creator studio Sunrise.

Gundam, created by Tomino Yoshiyuki and Sunrise, began with “Mobile Suit Gundam” on TV in 1979, depicting the war between the Earth Alliance across the galaxy and its independent principality Zeon. The federal government pushed to the brink by deploying a more advanced Zeon mobile suit, and the federal government responded with its own prototype mobile suit: RX-78 Gundam. Since then, its popularity has led to more than 50 TV shows, movies, comics and video games, and it creates more than 50 billion yen (approximately Rs 3,434 crore) for copyright holder Bandai Namco through licenses and toys each year. ) Income.

Netflix stated in its official announcement that Netflix retains the “secret” of the story of its Gundam movie, although it does recognize the larger universe-in that era, humans now live between stars and people living in space colonies It is fighting for freedom to give way to war.

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Since the two announced their intentions at the 2018 Anime Expo, the live-action Gundam movie has been produced at Sunrise and Legendary Pictures for three years. Vaughan joined the company in March 2019. In the past two years, we have rarely heard any precious news. Now, the Gundam movie is under the auspices of Netflix and Vogt-Roberts. With the current director, the “Gundam” movie may start with the next actor before it is ready to shoot. Netflix has not set a production start date, let alone a release date for its Gundam movie.

Netflix initially tried to use Godzilla vs. Kong as its platform, and reportedly promised Legendary US$200 million (approximately Rs 1,506 crore) in funding. However, WarnerMedia, the owner of Warner Bros., blocked the deal because it wanted to trade HBO Max’s Godzilla vs. Kong. Despite missing this point, Netflix has now received support for Legendary’s next mecha movie.

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