The Flipkart Diwali 2020 auction is back. Flipkart Plus members have started the Diwali 2020 special promotion, which is 12 hours later than everyone else’s promotion. This version of the 2020 Flipkart Diwali Sale will be open until November 13, for Amazon’s Great India Festival “Finale Days” discounts. Flipkart’s Diwali sale includes discounts and bundles on a large number of popular smartphones, laptops, wearables, TVs and other electronic products.

For the second phase of the 2020 Diwali Sale, Flipkart is bundled with Axis Bank, Citi Bank, ICICI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank to provide instant discounts of 10% for bank credit and debit card users. We have carefully selected the best prices and provided Flipkart Plus members with discounts on the first day of Diwali sales today.

Flipkart Diwali Sale 2020-the best prices on today’s top phones

Apple iPhone XR (Rs 38,999)
During Flipkart’s Big Diwali 2020 promotion, the iPhone XR was returned at a discounted price. The 64GB version is currently down to Rs. 38,999 (MRP Rs.47,900) on Flipkart. The exchange offer can bring you another instant discount, the value does not exceed Rs. 14,100. Using the bundled bank payment discount will increase the transaction by a further 10%.

Buy now: Rs. 38,999 (MRP Rs 47,900)

iPhone SE (Rs 32,999)
If you missed the last Diwali special promotion, Apple’s iPhone SE 64GB dropped to Rs again. During the 2020 Flipkart Big Diwali promotion, the price is 32,999 (MRP Rs. 39,900). This is one of the lowest prices we have seen on the iPhone SE (2020) since the iPhone SE was launched in India. Bundled exchange quotes can increase the transaction price further, up to Rs. 14,100.

Buy now: Rs. 32,999 (MRP Rs.39,900)

Samsung Galaxy S20+ (Rs 54,999)
The Samsung Galaxy S20+ is priced at Rs. During the second round of special sales on Flipkart Diwali, 54,999 (MRP rupees: 83,000) were sold. The Wal-Mart-owned company is also running bundled exchange offers, quoting up to Rs. 14,600 as an additional discount. The price is slightly higher than that offered by Flipkart during the previous holiday sales period.

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Buy now: Rs. 54,99 (MRP rupees: 83,000)

Samsung Galaxy 10+ (Rs.59,999)
The Samsung Galaxy 10+ is still being sold at a discount on Flipkart. You can buy one at a price as low as Rs. There were 59,999 items in the 2020 Diwali Sale at Flipkart this week. You can also use free EMI options, and bundled exchange products can further reduce the effective price. Galaxy Note 10+ is equipped with a large 6.8-inch Super AMOLED display and quad rear camera setup.

Buy it now, the price is Rs. 59,999 (MRP Rs. 85,000)

iPhone 11 Pro (Rs 79,999)
iPhone 11 Pro drops to Rs. The price in Flipkart’s “Great Diwali 2020” auction is 79,999 (MRP of Rs 1,06,600). This is one of the lowest prices we saw on the iPhone 11 Pro during this year’s holiday sales season. Using the bundled exchange offer, you can get another instant discount with a value not exceeding Rs. 14,100.

Buy now: Rs. 79,999 (MRP 1,06,600 rupees)

Poco M2 Pro (Rs 12,999)
Poco M2 Pro can be used for Rs. 12,999 (MRP Rs. 16,999) were sold during Flipkart’s Diwali Sale. It’s about Rs. It is 2,000 lower than its usual online sales price. With the bundled exchange offer, you can charge Rs again. The discounted price is 12,450 (the highest). Poco M2 Pro is equipped with a 6.67-inch Full HD+ display and a quad rear camera setup, highlighted by a 48-megapixel main sensor. This phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chipset and is equipped with 6GB RAM.

Buy now: Rs. 12,999 (recommended retail price of Rs 16,999)

Moto G9 (Rs 9,999)
Moto G9 still fell to Rs. During the Diwali Sale on Flipkart 9,999 (MRP Rs. 14,999) were sold. The phone is equipped with a large 5,000 mAh battery and a triple rear camera, and is titled with a 48-megapixel main camera. Moto G9 is supported by Snapdragon 662 SoC and supported by 4GB RAM. If you plan to buy a new cheap phone equipped with Android, then at this price, Moto G9 seems to be a good choice.

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Buy now: Rs. 9,999 (recommended retail price of Rs 14,999)

Flipkart Diwali Sale 2020-Best Electronics Deals of the Week

Philips 50-inch 4K Smart TV (Rs.33,999)
If you are watching a big screen smart TV during Diwali, the price of a Philips 50-inch 4K smart LED TV is as low as Rs. 33,999 (MRP 1,05,990 rupees) were sold during the Flipkart Big Diwali promotion this month. You can also exchange old TVs and get the highest fee of Rs. 11,000 discount. The TV supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos surround sound. It has three HDMI ports and two USB ports.

Buy now: Rs. 33,999 (MRP 1,05,990 rupees)

VivoBook 14 (Rs 55,990)
The price of the Vivo 14-inch notebook computer has dropped to Rs. The latest stage of Flipkart’s 2020 Diwali Sale is 55,990 (MRP is Rs 66,990). The laptop uses the 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor and supports 8GB RAM. It is equipped with a 1TB hard drive and 256GB SSD, and it can be used directly with Windows 10 Home.

Buy now: Rs. 55,990 (retail price of Rs 66,990)

Apple AirPods Pro (Rs 17,999)
Apple’s premium AirPods Pro true wireless stereo (TWS) headsets with noise reduction are as low as Rs. 17,999 (MRP Rs. 24,900). This is one of the lowest prices we have seen on AirPods Pro this year. Combine it with the Axis Bank card payment offer and you will end up with a substantial transaction.

Buy now: Rs. 17,999 (MRP 24,900 rupees)

JBL Moviebar 80 sound bar (Rs.6,999)
If you own a big screen TV during this holiday season and are worried about a bad sound experience, please buy the JBL Moviebar 80 soundbar as an affordable add-on. The soundbar is currently down to Rs. Flipkart’s Diwali 2020 sale is 6,999 (MRP Rs.13,999).

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Buy now: Rs. 6,999 (recommended retail price Rs.13,999)

Avita Liber 14-inch laptop (Rs 62,990)
If you are looking for a powerful and cheap laptop, but do not prefer a certain brand, then the Avita Liber 14-inch laptop may be for you. At present, the discount price of laptops is Rs. The price of Flipkart’s Big Diwali during the 2020 sales period is 62,990 (MRP is Rs 83,390). It is powered by the tenth generation Intel Core i7 processor and supports 16GB RAM. It is equipped with a 1TB and can be used directly with Windows 10 Home. You can exchange old laptops and get compensation of the highest rupees. 15,650 as an additional instant discount.

Buy now: Rs. 62,990 (recommended retail price of Rs 83,390)

Philips 70-inch 4K Smart LED TV (Rs.69,999)
The Flipkart Diwali Promotion in 2020 offers a Philips 70-inch 4K Smart LED TV at a discounted price of Rs 70. 69,999 (MRP Rs.1,99,990) valid period. You can exchange old TVs and get the highest Rs. An additional $11,000 instant discount. The TV has three HDMI ports, two USB ports, and is a 2019 model.

Buy now: Rs. 69,999 (MRP 1,99,990 rupees)

MSI GF63 15.6-inch gaming laptop (Rs.66,990)
For those looking at gaming laptops, the price of MSI GF63 is as low as Rs. During today’s Diwali sale, Flipkart sold 66,990 pounds (MRP 1,04,990 rupees). The laptop is equipped with a large 15.6-inch display and is powered by the 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor supported by the 8th generation RAM. It is equipped with a 512GB and runs Windows 10 Home. For graphics, there is Nvidia’s GeForce GTZ 1650 Max-Q graphics card, and supports 4GB of video RAM.

Buy now: Rs. 66,990 (recommended retail price of Rs 1,04,990)

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