A board spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday that the Facebook Oversight Committee has received a “user statement” and that the case is deciding whether the social media company will indefinitely suspend the Facebook and Instagram accounts of former President Donald Trump.

Concerned about further violent upheaval caused by the former president’s supporters sweeping the U.S. Capitol, Facebook transferred the case to an independent committee after blocking Trump’s access to his account in January. The board’s procedures give administrators of the Trump page the option to submit a statement to challenge Facebook’s decision.

The spokesperson said that the board will have no further comments before issuing its decision.

The call was first reported by Channel 4 News in the UK.

Earlier this month, the supervisory committee announced that it would extend the public comment period for the case by one week on the grounds of “high concern.”

The supervisory committee spokeswoman said that the committee has received more than 9,000 comments on the Trump case, which is the most comment on any case the committee has so far.

Several academics and civil rights activists publicly shared their letters, urging the board to permanently ban Trump. Republican lawmakers opposed the ban and demanded that Trump’s accounts be restored.

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