The European Space Agency (ESA) will launch a new spacecraft, but they have not officially named the mission. For this, they need your help. The European Space Agency invites people to propose a name for its new spacecraft, which is currently called “Lagrange”. The mission of the first spacecraft of its kind is to spot potentially dangerous solar storms before they reach the earth. The European Space Agency said that the new space weather mission will send a steady stream of data to the agency’s space weather service network.

The European Space Agency said that Lagrange will fly to a “unique position” in space, that is, a gravitationally stable position between the sun and the earth, and pay attention to solar storms. The new spacecraft will fly behind the earth and obtain a “side view” of the sun. From there, it will find dangerous solar activity.

The European Space Agency stated that the data shared by the mission will be used to promptly warn national authorities, industries and organizations that rely on or take care of modern technological systems that these organizations may be exposed to the threat of solar eruptions.

The European Space Agency also stated that “the sun often “bursts” and sprays billions of tons of hot plasma into space.” The space agency added that it will also emit huge flares and powerful electromagnetic radiation (X-rays, galaxies). Horse rays and radio pulses), accompanied by a stream of high-energy particles.

The European Space Agency said the new space weather mission will make the world safer and will also help protect important civilian infrastructure such as power grids, navigation and telecommunications satellites. However, the agency is still looking for a “proprietary name” for the task.

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Therefore, the European Space Agency has invited people from all walks of life to submit “the proposed best and most vivid mission name.” The agency said that while the submission date is open, the name can be sent until October 17. “The selected entries will win beautiful prizes.”

Remember, there is only one winner, and if the agent receives the same name from multiple people, the first submitter will be the winner.