Press release. YFDAI Finance is a well-known Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project and recently announced the launch of two outstanding products to strengthen its position in the field. These products include SafeSwap (a DEX (decentralized exchange) platform for the YFDAI Finance ecosystem) and Launchpad (a consulting and incubation program for cryptocurrency startup).

SafeSwap DEX provides an open and transparent venue for crypto projects to list their tokens and make them accessible to the global crypto community. SafeSwap is built on a branch of Uniswap. Uniswap is a verified exchange protocol for trustless exchange of ERC20 tokens, which is further strengthened by creating and implementing strict project evaluation and listing standards. In addition to providing a place to exchange and trade commonly used cryptocurrencies, SafeSwap’s business can also work with various other YFDAI Finance products and services (including the newly launched YFDAI Launchpad).

YFDAI Launchpad is an incubator program designed to help crypto project ideas and startups achieve their goals. The startups selected as the platform will receive guidance and development services from the YFDAI expert team and other partner organizations, including Foundry Incubator, Ferrum Network and Blockchain Consilium.

The platform also provides projects as part of the Launchpad program to support crowd-based fundraising through partnerships with DuckDAO decentralized fundraisers and a locked smart contract created for Uniswap and its newly launched SafeSwap DEX.

“For a long time, the purchasers of tokens have not received any protection, now is the time to change. YFDAI Launchpad can make the project recognized, which will make them stand out and give investors the confidence to invest in the next large DeFi project. “ – Pritha Paul of YFDAI Civil society organization

With the public sale of the first two products, YFDAI Finance continues to work on DeFi’s new products and services, including e-commerce platforms, debit cards, centralized exchanges, legal to cryptocurrency on/off ramps and trading robots.

About YFDAI Finance

YFDAI Finance is a DeFi ecosystem that focuses on four key values: accessibility, security, intuitive management and untrusted agreements. With YFDAI, users anywhere can access the DeFi service suite, including agriculture, loans, loans, and mortgages.

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