Press release. January 19, 2020, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Atlanta -Economic Education Foundation ( Announced today Roger Ver, the founder and early cryptocurrency investor, donated two bitcoin cash (BCH) totaling $2,000,000 to support FEE’s work to promote personal freedom and educate students around the world on the moral and economic foundation of a free society. The first $1 million gift will support FEE’s large-scale event in 2021 (the 75th anniversary of FEE’s founding) and other student programs, including online educational content and books. The second grant of $1 million will be provided in the form of a donation and will permanently support FEE’s educational activities.

Ver, who previously donated $1 million in Bitcoin to FEE in 2013, stated that he owes a debt to FEE intellectuals and made this new donation when he believed that FEE’s work was needed more than ever.

“I subscribed to FEE’s long-term magazine Freeman when I was in high school, and many of my successes in Bitcoin are attributable to what I have learned from reading about the moral urgency of having a currency system independent of the country force,”

Said Roger Wei He continued:

“I traveled around the world today and saw the global blockade, inflation, and attacks on personal freedom. I thought:’Who is the most important voice of freedom today?’ FEE is number one on my list. I want to help FEE. It has the same impact on the lives of millions of young people.”

Cost-everything is peaceful

Was established in 1946, FEE is the oldest liberal think tank in the United States FEE will celebrate its landmark 75th anniversary, and various events will be held throughout 2021, including FEEcon (June 17-19 in Atlanta) and cost Seventy-fifth anniversary celebration On June 19th. Every year, FEE attracts hundreds of millions of online users and nearly 20,000 students through classroom programs in universities and middle schools in the United States and Latin America.

“In 2013, Roger provided FEE with an unprecedented $1 million in Bitcoin, thereby driving the growth of our online business,”

Said Richard N. Lorenc, Executive Vice President of FEE, He went on to say:

“At the time, this was the largest cryptocurrency donation in history. Since then, we have been greatly helped on the path of growing educational influence. As we began to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of FEE, Roger has Bit With these major new gifts of BiCash, we will continue his transformative donation and launch our campaign to show more and more students free thinking in classrooms and on the Internet.”

Ask him why he chose to use Bitcoin Cash as a gift, version Remarks:

“All cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash has the best opportunity to create more economic freedom in the world. Unlike the traditional Bitcoin chain, Bitcoin Cash can be instantly sent to anyone worldwide, with only one cent. Not subject to arbitrary restrictions by the government. This potential makes me very excited about the first investment in Bitcoin and Bitcoin companies in 2011, and this potential is completely compatible with the work done by FEE to achieve a freer and more peaceful world. Coincide.”

With Ver’s new gift, FEE plans to rapidly improve its ability to continue to produce powerful videos, write compelling articles, and develop classroom materials, all of which are dedicated to promoting personal freedom, free enterprise and limited government in the economic, artistic, and professional fields. , Culture, etc.

“Roger’s pioneering work in the cryptocurrency field shows how ideas can and do change the world,”

Said Zilvinas Silenas, President of FEE.

“Similarly, Roger’s continued investment in FEE emphasizes the vital role of FEE in the field of economic education. FEE is a major participant in introducing the ideas of freedom and empowerment to young audiences. We are honored that Roger is able to communicate online and The class recognizes our pioneering work. With the support of visionary philanthropists like Roger Ver, FEE will successfully make human freedom the most credible economic and political philosophy for future generations.”

To learn more about FEE’s online and classroom programs and online media, Visit To learn how to participate in FEEcon 2021, Visit The mission of joining FEE is to develop the basic ideas and principles of a free society for future generations, including personal freedom, free enterprise, limited government, corporate value creation and high moral character, please visit:

To learn how to start using Bitcoin Cash immediately, Visit Download the wallet and buy your first bitcoin cash.

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