Since Early Access went live a few days ago, Battlegrounds Mobile India has been under the scanner. According to reports, it has been sending and receiving data to servers in China, Hong Kong, Moscow and the United States. According to reports, it was still pinging the Tencent server in Beijing during startup. Krafton announced last year that it would cut ties with China’s Tencent in order to revive the games of Indian users. These new reports show that the company has not kept its promises. Now, Krafton seems to have released a small update to fix the Chinese server problem.

IGN India first reported that Battlegrounds Mobile India hosted data on servers in China and other countries. It now reports that when you play a game, the game will no longer share information with Chinese servers. A small automatic update downloaded when starting the game seems to have solved this problem. After applying this update, Battlegrounds Mobile India will prompt you to restart the game and log in again.

According to reports, this update prevents any data from entering Chinese servers. After the application update, IGN India ran a packet sniffer during two games and noticed that Battlegrounds Mobile India did not notify a single Chinese server. The report stated that the only time a Chinese server was pinged was when deleting application data. This may be due to the account migration feature that enables PUBG Mobile users to transfer their in-app purchases to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India stated in its privacy policy that personal information will be stored and processed on servers located in India and Singapore, but it may transfer user data to other countries/regions to operate game services or meet legal requirements. According to reports, this new update will ensure that Indian users will not ping any Chinese servers.

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The Federation of All Indian Businessmen (CAIT) wrote a letter to the Union’s IT and Communications Minister Sankar Prasad demanding a ban on moving India on the battlefield. It even urged Google to remove Battlegrounds Mobile India from the Play Store.

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