Microsoft said on Thursday that it has solved the problem of Microsoft 365 services and features (including workplace messaging apps Teams and Azure) that many users cannot access.

Microsoft said in its status page that the domain name system (DNS) issue has been resolved and all Microsoft 365 services have returned to normal status.

DNS is actually the Internet’s address book, which allows computers to match website addresses with the correct server.

Earlier, downdetector, the outage tracking website, showed incidents in which more than 8,000 people reported problems through its widely used Teams workplace messaging app.

Downdetector only tracks downtime by collating status reports from a range of sources, including errors submitted by users on its platform.

In other news related to Microsoft, the company and the U.S. military announced on Wednesday that the company announced that it has won a ten-year contract with the Pentagon for augmented reality headgear for soldiers, valued at US$21.88 billion (Rs 1,602.92 billion).

Microsoft technical researcher Alex Kipman (Alex Kipman) said that headsets based on commercially available HoloLens will make soldiers safer and more efficient.

A Pentagon official said in a statement that the Department of Defense stated that the five-year production agreement can be renewed, which could make the contract “valued at more than US$ 21.88 billion (Rs 1,60,290 crore)” within ten years. A statement.

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Microsoft will quickly begin production of the so-called integrated enhancement system under the contract.

The Pentagon said the award aims to “provide the next generation of night vision and situational awareness to close combat forces at a relevant speed.”

Officials said a head-mounted display used for combat and training of soldiers uses night vision and thermal vision sensors in addition to providing data to help strike targets and make tactical decisions.

Kipman said in his blog: “This program enhances situational awareness and enables information sharing and decision-making in various situations.”

According to Wedbush analyst Dan Ives, the contract shows that Microsoft can obtain military benefits from augmented reality products and may herald the expansion of the use of private companies and consumers.

Ives said in a report to investors: “The second and perhaps most important point is that this transaction is just a further statement that Microsoft is strengthening its control over the Department of Defense and the Pentagon’s internal transactions.”

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