Telegram is the latest service to face Internet outages within a week. YouTube, Gmail and other Google services, as well as Netflix, are facing longer downtimes. It is not clear what the problem with Telegram is, but the instant messaging app has confirmed via Twitter that it is indeed facing the problem. The company said the problem is mainly in Europe and the Middle East, and is working to get users back online. According to Downdetector, nearly a complaints have been posted in the past 30 minutes.

Some of the largest online experienced serious failures this week, and Telegram also experienced problems for the second time in December.the company Tweet Acknowledge this problem and said that efforts are being made to get users back online.Previously, on December 5, Telegram faced another severe downtime, and the company passed tweet. In that outage, Asian users were most affected.

On Monday, Google experienced a severe downtime that affected all of the company’s services. According to user reports, YouTube has been hit hardest, but this incident has affected all of Google’s different services, from Gmail to Google Docs, to tools such as Google Analytics. Although the downtime lasted only an hour, it showed how much of us depend on the various services of this search giant. Then, on Tuesday night, Google faced a second downtime, which was even longer, lasting two and a half hours.

Netflix is ​​the next product this week, with a global power on Tuesday for two and a half hours, although this mainly affects iOS apps. Netflix said in a statement: “This morning, some of our members in the United States, Canada, and South America were unable to use Netflix through our iOS app.” “The problem has been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

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