TikTok may soon make a comeback in India, because its parent company ByteDance has applied for a trademark for the short video application from the director of patents, design and trademarks. It is one of 59 Chinese apps banned by the government in June last year. Soon after the ban was issued, the TikTok app was removed from the app store and became inaccessible on the Indian network. However, platforms including Facebook’s Instagram have integrated similar experiences initially offered on TikTok to fill the gaps in Indian users.

ByteDance filed TikTok’s trademark application with the title “TickTock” on July 6. First report Published by Twitter Mukul Sharma on Twitter and independently verified by Advertisement Shout, it has been submitted in accordance with category 42 of the Fourth Schedule of the Trademark Rules of 2002, with the purpose of “scientific and technical services and related research and design; industrial analysis And research services; design and development of computer hardware and software.”

TikTok trademark application has been submitted to the Director of Patent, Design and Trademark

At the time of writing, Bytedance did not respond to a request for comment. We will update this report when we receive a response.

According to media reports, ByteDance has been negotiating with the government to bring TikTok back to China. The Chinese company also assured officials that it will work hard to comply with the new IT rules.

ByteDance appointed its chief node and appeal officer in India in 2019. For “important” social media intermediaries with more than 5 million users in the country, this is one of the key requirements of IT regulations.

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However, despite the presence of nodes and appeal officers, ByteDance’s TikTok faced a national ban last year for threatening the country’s “sovereignty and integrity” during border tensions with China.

According to reports, a few months after the implementation of the ban, ByteDance and Reliance Industries discussed investing in TikTok to revive its business in the country. However, that discussion did not help to bring about any change.

At the time of the ban, TikTok had approximately 200 million users in the country. These users were attracted by platforms such as Instagram and YouTube through their integrated products Reels and Shorts. Some Indian TikTok alternatives have also appeared on the market to take advantage of its ban and fulfill the demand for short video applications during the national blockade.

Earlier this month, PUBG Mobile, which was also part of a series of applications bans in China last year, returned to India as Battlegrounds Mobile India.Shein, a Chinese e-commerce platform that was banned last year, is also Trying to come back It will be sold to the country through Amazon’s Prime Member Day promotion next week.