After the infamous meme showed that one of the Bogdanoff twins told the whales to initiate a crypto market sell-off on the phone, the Bogdanoff brothers now claim that they were involved in the invention of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin with Satoshi Nakamoto. In an interview on L’Heure des Pros, the Bogdanov twins stated that as mathematicians, the two can “participate in the development of some source code.”

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff claim to help Satoshi Nakamoto elaborate on Bitcoin’s “prediction code”

There is a long-running joke that the Bogdanoff twins are capable of manipulating the cryptocurrency market because a meme a few years ago began to show that one of the twins was dumping a lot in the market.

According to a recent interview with L’Heure des Pros and a recent appearance on the French TV show “Non Stop People”, the twins have already seen the meme. Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff said they had seen the meme and explained that Satoshi Nakamoto may be related to its online virality.

“It’s probably made by Satoshi Nakamoto [the Grichka Bogdanoff meme] Spread,” Igor Bogdanov said. Igor further added:

[The image] In all blockchains between 2010 and 2012 [and] It has been downloaded more than 1.3 billion times.

Nakamoto’s so-called acquaintance “Soïtchiro Shimoda” and two “ancient bitcoins”

The Bogdanov twins are famous for their scientific TV show called “Temps X”. The twins have been scientific essayists since the 1970s, while Igor has a doctorate in theoretical physics, and his brother has a doctorate in mathematics.

In a recent interview with the Bogdanoff twins, the two explained how they collaborated with touch screen inventor François Mizzi and an interesting Japanese scientist named “Soïtchiro Shimoda.”

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The Bogdanoff twins claim that they were involved in helping Satoshi Nakamoto build Bitcoin
There is a long-standing conspiracy theory/meme saying that the Bogdanoff twins control the cryptocurrency market. Memes like Bogdanoff show that when cryptocurrency investors least expect it, the brothers will call for “coaxing it” or “abandoning it.”

The twins claimed that in the early days, they would regularly discuss the idea of ​​blockchain and crypto assets with Shimoda. Bogdanoffs wholeheartedly believes that Shimoda is related to the “mythical figure or group of people” who invented Bitcoin. In fact, the Bogdanov brothers further claimed that as early as 2008, two “old Bitcoins” were given to the twins.

“As mathematicians, Igor and I were able to participate in some [Bitcoin] Source code, especially the’prediction code’,” Grichka Bogdanoff told his interviewer.

In two interviews, the Bogdanov twins further revealed that they also own Ethereum (ETH). In the near future, the notorious memes and conspiracy twins stated that they will launch a new crypto asset called “Exo Coin”.

What do you think of the Bogdanov twins? Do you think they are telling the truth or trying to attract attention? Please tell us your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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