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The best internet memes of 2020

Life in 2020 is not like a box of chocolates. The “new normal” includes everything from keeping most interpersonal relationships virtual to spending more time in the kitchen. As everyone spends more time indoors, the pressure on the Internet to come up with more interesting memes is increasing. Fortunately, the Internet will never disappoint. As in previous years, 2020 is an important year for memes. Today, we will review some of the most interesting memes and Internet trends that helped us through this bad year.

My plan and 2020
Have you made a plan for 2020? Well, we all did it. When the terrible wildfires swept through Australia this year and the global pandemic began to take shape in several countries, people went online to show off their disappointment with the “My Plan and 2020” meme. After flushing everyone’s plans to the toilet in 2020, this is a great way to get people out of frustration.

Is it a cake? /All cakes
Although 2020 is about the coronavirus pandemic, it also involves a small part of the world becoming a cake. “Is it a cake?” Meme flooded user feeds on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms this summer. Memes include videos of some real objects, such as shoes, bags, and even human limbs. These videos are cut with a knife to show that they are actually just cakes. Partly surprising, partly absurd, making everyone question reality. What if everything is really made of cakes? This trend has also triggered a series of imitations.

Nature is healing
Everyone is locked in it, now it’s time for nature to relax and relax. After all, people almost always make things worse when they are outside. When everyone is working and studying from home, air pollution levels start to drop, and some cities report that wildlife is wandering to the urban area (may check if humans have left the earth or something). Some people even joked that human beings are the real viruses on earth, and nature seems to be recovering without us.

Earlier this year, video clips of a group of men from Ghana dancing with coffins were all the rage on the Internet. It triggers a series of memes, and you may laugh in 2020 alone. The meme is created by appending this video clip at the end of any general “failure” moment. They are so enthusiastic that they even made a video calling everyone to wear masks “or dance with us”.

This statement is controversial (Twitter)
In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 is also the year of the US presidential election. The crazy news cycle ensures that social platforms must maintain a leading position to prevent misinformation from spreading across their networks. As a result, Twitter added “controversial” and “misleading” tags to related tweets in November. However, Meme Twitter thought he turned the whole thing into a meme.

How it started and developed
With the passage of time, time has disappeared fundamentally, and the entire period from March to October feels like 100 years. The Internet presents another interesting meme. The “How it started and how it works” meme compares each person’s emotions and feelings at the beginning of the year with how they felt during the coronavirus pandemic. Celebrities use this format to showcase their achievements.

In 2020, a simple YouTube comment from a user named Binod Tharu only involving his name will become a big meme in India. From meaningless comments to thousands of funny memes, everyone quickly joined.

We may have missed some of the memes you might encounter and have become very interesting this year. Please leave a comment below to let us know your favorite memes and Internet trends in 2020.

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